July 28th, 2010

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Fic rec: too much like the world we're stuck in

too much like the world we're stuck in by anowlinsunshine
Arthur/Eames, Inception, 4k, soft R
Summary: The first thing Eames does when he wakes up on the shore of Limbo is squint a bit at the crumbling city skyline. [Or, the one where Arthur and Eames go to Limbo and Grow as People.]

i don't know if you guys have heard, but there's this little movie called inception that's been making waves recently. well, i saw it, and i loved it. therefore, consider this review my official coming out as a hardcore inception fan. also, there's this really great person, anowlinsunshine, whose merlin fics i've stanned for quite a while (see my review of "under the wild oak"). we recently discovered that we are pretty much fandom twins. somewhere in the midst of our squeeing over this revelation, i joked that she should write about arthur and eames getting stuck in limbo. well, guess what?


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