January 1st, 2010

sherlock holmes

new year, new fandom

t'was the evening of christmas; i had nothing to do
so i met up with friends to see a movie or two
we chose sherlock holmes over up in the air
(george clooney firing people... who really cares?)
the movie was, frankly, all i'd hoped for and more
with action and humour and flirting galore
but the flirting was not the heterosexual sort
and for once, there was nothing for me to distort
for the banter between holmes and watson was clearly
irrefutable proof that they loved each other dearly
they shared a dog and a house and sometimes a mind
theirs was truly a bromance of the very best kind
there's no other way to put it: it was innocuous porn
and so, on christmas day, a new fandom was born

read this: discombobulate (or the unnatural gay shenanigans of sherlock holmes and his dear watson) by lastling. it's hilarious, and holmes' and watson's voices are both spot on. i love that so many of my favourite merlin writers are catching on to the potential for gay sexytimes in this shiny new fandom :D :D :D

by the way, happy new year, flist! ♥