January 7th, 2009


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HBP movie receives PG rating from MPAA

I'm pretty disappointed/concerned about this. Either WB fucked up the movie, or the MPAA thinks Sectumsempra, Inferi, Horcruxes, and Katie Bell's poisoning are okay for children. Neither of the options is very appealing. I've always thought HBP was the darkest of all the books, so I really can't fathom how it could possibly be PG when even PoA was PG-13.

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hd_holidays reveals are up, yay! :D I'm surprised that, for the most part, my suspicions about who wrote/drew what were confirmed. I guess I've been in fandom longer than I thought.

My amazing fic, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, was written by mizbean. Thank you so much for the fantastic gift! I adore it ♥ Anyone who hasn't read it yet should do so immediately.

I can now say I wrote Out From Under, aka The Fic From Hell, for the lovely bewarethesmirk. The title was indeed shamelessly stolen from the Britney Spears song, which I happened to be listening to while I was rushing to send in the fic before my deadline :p

Finally I can thank nqdonne, aki_hoshi, weasleywench, and boogabooga_xx for the betas and Laylee for the Britpick. They seriously saved my life ♥ ♥ ♥ I would've scrapped the fic early on in the writing process if not for their advice, encouragement, and hand-holding. If anyone's wondering why the ending seems a bit off, it's because I banged it out in the last five minutes and didn't have time to run it past them.

Another rec, as I start to dig deeper into the fics: For Whatever Ails You by frayach. I had meant to work my way backwards, but her name jumped out at me, and I couldn't resist. The fic makes fantastic use of the love potion cliche (oh, forced bonding fics, how I've missed you ♥) and simultaneously makes you laugh and breaks your heart. I wish it had gone on longer -- the ending came so quickly.

I need to start archiving my fest fics here :x *lazy*