June 11th, 2008

johnny weir 2

SYTYCD Top 20 Performances

Before I get to my review of the show, I've got an announcement: there's AS/S for me over at the_ass_fest! It's a hot, funny, and overall awesome fic. Slytherin!Al and Gryffindor!Scorpius were rivals from birth, and come together after Al accuses Scorpius of cheating during Quidditch. The humourous moments (such as the story about Mundungus getting married to a whore) made the fic for me. I can't pretend I didn't love the angry hate!sex too, though :D

Onto the show (which I'm watching at my friend's apartment, lol). DUDE. Okay, before it starts, let me say that these pairings are seriously whack. It's SO OBVIOUS who TCOs are.

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