November 10th, 2007

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Some Kind of Miracle (16/?)

I'm exhausted. Gah. And I can't believe it's been one year (exactly... I'm a dork; I timed it) since I started SKOM and three years since I joined MNFF. I'm getting old.

Anyway, I'm about halfway through chapter 19. I have no definite plans to finish it any time before winter break, though it's very likely that I will. For the moment, though, consider chapter 18 the last one you'll be getting for a while.

Title: Some Kind of Miracle (16/?)
Author: Annie (_pinkchocolate)
Pairings: HP/DM, HP/GW
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to JK Rowling. Well... almost everything.
Summary: Draco is determined to live the last nine months of his life with no regrets. But when a series of unfortunate events exposes a list of his innermost wishes, ambitions, and desires to Harry Potter’s eyes, he might find that facing his imminent death is not so easy after all.
Word Count: 6,187
Notes: Today is this fic's one year anniversary! :) On November 10, 2006, I came up with the plot, wrote the summary, changed the name from Miraculous to Some Kind of Miracle, and started writing it. Here's to our boys finally getting together in the year to come!
As always, thanks to my lovely betas Christine and Vana :)

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