December 28th, 2006

johnny weir 2

Boys should always kiss boys. Period.

I have a confession to make: I've become hopelessly obsessed with Queer as Folk (the US version). After watching only twelve episodes, I'm convinced that it's the best TV series ever made. Rivalled only by House, AI and SYTYCD, and even then, QaF comes out on top. Neither Gale Harold nor Randy Harrison are particularly impressive, appearance-wise, but when they get together on the show, it's like sex on legs. Literally. I really want to buy the DVDs, but 1) my parents would flip a few thousand shits if they found out their daughter was watching shows that involved men having sex, and 2) those DVDs are fucking EXPENSIVE. Season five is over $100. Wtf?!

So anyway. I finished chapter eight of SKOM. The fic is already almost half as long as ATW in terms of word count. I also wrote up a prologue, which I will post as soon as my beta checks it over. It's pretty short, but it gives a little backstory. Because of what I wrote, though, I had to edit the first three chapters to include references to it. I've already posted the pre-prologue version of chapter one on FictionAlley, so I'll fix it as soon as I posted the prologue there as well. The good thing, though, is that I resolved some of the problems I'd been having with the plot. So now I feel like a huge weight is off my shoulders. Oh, and also, if anyone is looking to start SKOM, don't read the chapters I posted on here. I changed a lot in them since they were posted, and I'm too lazy to edit my posts. So wait for me to post chapters on FA or MNFF or something.

Sorry for the completely pointless post. Since ATW is over, I don't have much to say here. Y'all can like, unsubscribe and all that shit now since there isn't much reason to read my LJ anymore :P Umm... I guess that's it. One last excerpt from S01E07 of QaF that I especially loved:

Justin's homophobic dad: We're sending him away to school. It's time he learned some discipline and how to be man.
Justin: *laughs* I know all about discipline. And you should see me take it like a man.
*dad slaps him*
Justin: If you wanna hit me, go right ahead. Only I'm not gonna cry like some little faggot. And if you wanna send me away, that's all right too, because I bet more buttfucking goes on in boarding school than in the back room of Babylon. But whatever you do, it's not gonna matter. Because I'll still be your queer son.

Yeah... go Justin. Fuck homophobes. Or... don't.

Hope everyone has a happy new year!

♥ Annie

P.S. - The icon for this post isn't anything bad. Well, technically it *is*, but it's just ice cream.
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