December 16th, 2006

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A Thousand Words (epilogue pt 1)

ZOMG, it's an ATW-related update. Yes, I spent the better half of this afternoon finishing this crappy little chapter because I can't stand having unfinished chapters sitting around, so here it is. I don't know if it's normal for epilogues to have two parts, but whatever. This is basically Hermione's part of the epilogue. Draco's is next. Thank goodness I'm nearly done with this fic... and that it was nice enough to end up the way I planned for it to end up...

Title: A Thousand Words (epilogue pt 1) - A World With No More Night
Word Count: 1344

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I hope it wasn't obvious that I was like, majorly rushing through this chapter. Hm. Well, now it probably is... Anyway, I don't *think* this story ended as depressingly as The Sweetest Sin did. I really regret what I did with SS, plus I don't want people to think that I'm some emo freak who doesn't know how to write a happy ending. It's just that none of the multi-chapter fics I've written so far work well with a happy ending. In the future my fics will be less discouraging. I promise.

But yeah, this fic isn't really over yet. One more chapter to go. (Mixed feelings about that and stuff.)

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Edit: Garrett Hedlund (the guy who plays Murtagh in the Eragon movie) is crazy hot. Well, I haven't seen the movie yet because everyone who's seen it says it's absolute crap (I've read the book though, and I thought it was absolute crap too), but I just IMDb'd him. He's probably even hotter playing Murtagh. Maybe I'll go see the movie just for him. Just sayin'.