November 21st, 2006

johnny weir 2

*fangirl scream*

I do believe I've died and gone to HP heaven. All these recent HP updates are bad for my health (literally, as I woke up sick the day after I went to watch Happy Feet). The HBO sneak preview was the icing on the cake. My only complaint is that WE DIDN'T GET TO SEE THE YOUNG!MAURADERS. No sexy!Remus or sexy!James :( And no Tonks either. Wtf? Oh well. I've uploaded it to YouTube so that everyone else can wallow in my excess joy with me:

In other news, Chapter 24 of ATW is now up on MNFF [link]. Don't forget to watch House tonight (if you're not too busy watching the HBO sneak preview ten times over like I did)! :D

♥ Annie

P.S. - For God's sake, it's "I must not tell lies," not "I will not break rules." Why in the WORLD would they feel the need to change that one very short (but very FAMOUS) line? WB owes the HP fans some serious explaining...
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