November 15th, 2006

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Sorry to disappoint, but this isn't an ATW update. I started chapter 33 last night but I only got about half a page written before my friend called and made me realise that I had applied to the wrong school (UIC instead of UIUC), so I was up all night frantically finishing the UIUC app since it's due today. My lack of sleep therefore resulted in several embarrassing moments this morning of which I won't elaborate on. But even so, I don't really want to rush this chapter, so I'm only going to write when I feel like something good will come out of it. I don't really have the time to sit for hours in front of the computer and force myself to write a page only to erase it a minute later, either. So yeah. ATW will take a while.

Anyway, anyone who came here looking for an update can stop reading here (and no, as touching as they are, I will ignore all comments that run along the lines of "OMG PLEASE UPDATE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!!111").

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Okay, enough of that. I'm done rambling. I feel slightly better now. Again, please be patient about the ATW update. As much as I wish they could, comments urging me to update soon won't help the chapter write itself any faster.

*sigh* I can't help but feel bad for JK Rowling...I mean, if I'm stressed out over a measly little fic like mine, she must be all but going insane what with the WORLD pressuring her to hurry up.

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