November 12th, 2006

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A Thousand Words (ch 32)

Ah, well, I've run into a spot of trouble with ATW. It's just that Ron is so dreadfully boring that I don't even know what to do with him. No need to fear, though; the chapter will be done soon enough, since there isn't much left in it to do (it's only going to be about 1500's actually something of a worthless chapter, so there's really no need to read it at all :P). So yes, before anyone starts freaking out over the possibility of me neglecting ATW, I'll have you know that I intend to finish it ASAP.

*five minutes later*

Okay, as it turns out, I just finished writing chapter 32, and I do believe it's the most pointless chapter I've ever written in Oh well, it's sort of a break for me, since I'm trying to save up all my dramatic inspiration for the big showdown...err, I mean, finale. *is giving away too much now*. I'm not entirely sure when that will be up, but it's the next chapter (aka the last chapter before the two-part epilogue). So yeah, it should be full of yummy angst.

Title: A Thousand Words (ch 32) - Breathing Lies
Word Count: 1565 (hey, I said it'd be short)

Collapse )

I think I might actually edit that chapter and add some things (if I'm not too lazy) before I post it on MNFF. Thankfully I have quite a bit of time before I reach chapter 32 there.

Next chapter: Hermione's injured, Draco's depressed, and Ron's angrier than an insulted hippogriff. What will happen when they all end up together in the same room? Faced with the daunting task of choosing between two (or is it three?) men, who will Hermione go with?

Oh, and one more thing. Here's a brief update on my Harry/Draco fic (which I'm going to call Miraculous until I decide on a better title): I got started on it right after I made that last post, and am now deeply immersed in it. I read a few more Drarry fics today and yesterday and feel very inspired now. At the risk of sounding conceited, I'm sorta excited about the plot of my fic, although I don't know if I'm going to be able to write it very well since I'm struggling already (writing depressed!Harry/depressed!Draco is a LOT harder than one might think). But basically, if anyone has watched A Walk to Remember, they'll recall the list of things Jamie said she wanted to do before she died. Well, in my fic, Draco also creates a list of things he wants to do before he dies after he is given seven months to return to Hogwarts and finish school. After those seven months are over, he has to go and receive the Dementor's Kiss (because he was a Death Eater during the war). And...okay, I'm not going to spoil it more, but I wrote two chapters while I was trying to figure out what to do with chapter 32 and I'll start posting them after I finish writing ATW (or maybe before that if I run into a bit of writer's block...but don't panic; hopefully that won't happen). Here's the summary, if anyone's interested:

The second war is over, and the wizarding world is slowly beginning to heal itself. Meanwhile, the wound in Harry Potter’s heart remains open – that is, until one day when he somehow manages to temporarily save a certain former Death Eater from a formidable death sentence. When the both of them are forced to return to school against their will, past feelings of hatred between them are restored – but how long will they last before fate begins to intervene? Harry/Draco

Yes, very allusive summary. As previous stated, I fail at writing summaries.

Oh, and one last thing (I'm sorry, I talk too much) - I've compiled a list of the fics I've read that I think are worth reading, so if anyone is interested, it can be found here.

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