November 10th, 2006


A Thousand Words (ch 31)

Yay, chapter 31. I've basically become re-obsessed with this fic over the past few days...I seriously refused to minimize Microsoft Word all day yesterday because I wanted to keep writing. The only thing is I stole a lotta things from other stories in this chapter >.> Well, no, not a lot of things...but the palm-to-palm thing is from that H/D fic I mentioned in my last post, and the "Maybe it wouldn't be so bad being in love with Draco" thing is from the anime Peach Girl. But anyway, they're not huge things, so hopefully no one minds?

Also, before I get to the chapter, I just wanted to talk about my next Dramione fic. I'm REALLY excited to write it, but as I told Chungsol in the comments on the last post, I'm also a bit reluctant to write it. I love writing Dramione; honestly, I do; but I want to try something different. Even though I always find myself unable to continue writing other ships and returning to Dramione, I need to start expanding my horizons. I really want to write a Harry/Draco fic, but at the moment, I don't have any great plots in mind. If I do come up with one, I'm probably going to start an H/D fic before I get to my Dramione fic and see how it goes. Chances are I won't finish it, but you never know...

So yeah. Just a word in advance :D Now, onto the chapter. By the way, I just added the lyrics onto the beginning of the chapter because I discovered the song and realised it was PERFECT for Dramione (especially in this fic ^_^).

Title: A Thousand Words (ch 31) - Shape in the Shadows
Word Count: 3857

Collapse )

By the way, chapter 23 is out on MNFF ^_^

Next chapter: This one's going to be a bit boring and extremely short. We leave Hermione and Draco in the forest and head on over to check up on Kay and Ron. What happens when a Ministry owl drops a letter addressed to Hermione into Ron's hands?

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