November 7th, 2006

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About my next Dramione fic

Okay, well I REALLY should be doing my homework right now if I still want to watch House tonight, but I wanted to post this so badly. Earlier, while I was trying to do my homework but not really succeeding, I started reading back on some of my old posts and I remembered my plans for my next Dramione fic. I was actually torn between two different ideas (the Sailor Moon inspired one and the one where Draco is doing the whole Sirius thing and getting locked up in Grimmauld place so he can be "safe"), but as I considered them in more depth, I decided to go with the former. This isn't a sure thing yet, but here's the summary I quickly wrote up for it (I'm sorry, I'm awful at writing summaries if you couldn't tell...this one's too long so I'm going to have to find some way to cut it down):

Long ago, a young man named Salazar Slytherin fell deeply in love with a beautiful pureblood witch named Evelyn Reynolds. He swore he would marry her, but his own greed separated them, and this promise was broken. When he finally returned to her twenty years later, he found that she had bore a daughter by his name – and that that daughter had fallen in love with a Muggle-born wizard. Furious, he attacked Evelyn and threatened to kill both their daughter and her beloved. With the last of her strength, Evelyn sealed away the two young lovers and sent them into the future with the hope that they would be reborn in a time when blood prejudices would no longer be an obstacle to their love.

So goes the famous legend of Salazar’s only love. Over a millennium later, Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger have grown up hearing this tale but never believing it. They both know that in a world where Voldemort is rising to power, love beyond the boundaries of blood doesn’t exist. However, when they discover that the old myth may have more to do with them than they might think, they will be forced to fight together against all they once believed to be true – before they lose their lives to Salazar’s own vengeful reincarnation.

What do you guys think? Is it okay? I'm really excited to write it, actually, since I already have a general idea of what I'm going to do (nothing that GREAT; usually my better ideas come to me while I'm in the process of writing). But yeah, I just wanted to get other people's opinions, since this is probably the last Dramione fic I'll write before book 7 is released.

And for those worrying about ATW, don't worry! I'm basically finished chapter 30, but I still have one more short scene to write. After that, there are only three chapters left plus a two-part epilogue. I'm really sad about it being almost over, though, hence my trying to look forward to a new fic. I actually started the story in March 2005, but I completely revamped it and started anew after finishing The Sweetest Sin. That was during December 2005, which means that in a month it'll be a year ^_^ I probably sound like a giddy teenager counting down to her one-year anniversary with her first ever boyfriend, but honestly, my fics mean a LOT to me, so I treasure every moment I have with them :P

Well, I'm talking a lot more than I need to. Considering there's a whooping cough epidemic spreading at my school, I should probably get started on my homework before I catch it or something.

Chapter 30 will be up in a day or two, so don't fret.
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