November 5th, 2006

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ATW update

Well, guess what? I've finished chapter 29. Actually, I basically spent all of last night and tonight writing it because I just got so into it and couldn't stop xD Anyway, it's a pretty intense chapter...I actually teared up a bit writing one part, but I deleted it afterwards since it really wasn't relevant (umm...I just spent about 3 minutes trying to figure out how to spell "relevant"). I sorta like the chapter, but no one should take that as an indication of how good it is because, as I have stated before, people tend to like chapters that I dislike and vice versa.

As I was writing the chapter and rereading some parts of it, I realised that my writing style has actually changed a little. I don't know if it'll be noticeable to the readers, but I kept trying to watch the sentences I wrote because they kept getting really confusing. I think it's because watching anime has made me like, a master of drama, so I kept trying to make things more dramatic than they really are.

Okay, so that's enough rambling. Umm...the reason I'm posting this is because I'm wondering when y'all want to read the chapter. I know the obvious answer is "right now" but like, I don't know when the next chapter will be out (actually, it might be soon since I have a four day weekend coming up, but I'm never really sure so don't rely on my guesses) and I personally like to space out the chapters I read when it comes to fanfiction. So yeah, just let me know.

And as for my struggles as a high school student of average intelligence surrounded by geniuses (which I will continue to ungratefully complain about here regardless of how annoying they are), I took the Biology, Math II, and English Lit SAT IIs this morning. There was a bit of a mess up with the testing centre so I ended up going to GBS to take the tests, and I swear, I've never seen so many Asians in one place at a time. I was like, OMG WHERE HAVE YOU PEOPLE BEEN HIDING ALL MY LIFE? (My school is basically 99.9999% white.) But anyway, I'm sure I failed the Lit test, if not all three of them. I've decided I won't major in English after all, since it clearly isn't my forte.

By the way, if anyone has been following my failures in English closely, you should by now have grown very cautious about my fics. Beware -- everything you're reading is potentially rubbish.

♥ Annie

P.S. - I have no idea what exanimate means. But I'm just going to select it as my mood since I like the little mood icon thing that comes along with it.
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johnny weir 2

A Thousand Words (ch 29)

I didn't mean to taunt anyone with that last post! I don't really mind either way; I was just wondering what you guys wanted. But since no one expressed any opposition to my posting it ASAP, I figured I'd go ahead and put it up :P I got started on chapter 30 today and so far it's going well...I have no idea how long it's gonna last, writing streaks really do have a mind of their own...

Title: A Thousand Words (ch 29) - The Final Threshold
Word Count: 3300

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Next chapter: Draco comes to terms with his feelings while trying to deal with the sudden suspicions of the rest of the Ministry of Magic.

♥ Annie