February 8th, 2006

johnny weir 2

A Thousand Words (ch 11)

My break from ATW ends today and begins today. In other words, I finished the half-done chapter 11 since I felt I should praise myself for finally getting my extended definition essay accepted (which is the fancy way of saying I was procrastinating because I hate Ralph Waldo Emerson), so I decided to post it on here. Excuse any typos, missing words (or sentences), or content issues. I wrote most of it at 4AM. (Also, I hadn't finished it yet, so I wrote the ending just now...and as I'm in a rather unpleasant mood due to fact that I'm sick with a cold again, my patience had just about run out with the chapter, so I just cut it off right where it was. That's why it's so...abrupt.)

Title: A Thousand Words (ch 11)
Summary: Of crime scenes, lunch dates, and dark alleys.

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