January 6th, 2006

johnny weir 2

A Few Random Things...

First and foremost, I'm obsessed with Brokeback Mountain. The short story AND the movie...except for the part where I haven't seen the movie yet. But I've been obsessively reading reviews on it and summaries of the plot, watching trailers and clips, and I've read the short story multiple times already. I really need to go see the movie in theatre...

Well, since I haven't had time to write fanfiction (and I really mean it...school is murdering me), I figured that I'd release my need to write something I actually want to write by writing my entry for the writing contest we have to submit a piece to once a semester for English. We're allowed to choose any writing contest; if I'd gotten on it earlier, I could've submitted a piece of fiction to much better contests; unfortunately, most of the deadlines were at the end of December (plus I didn't want to pay those ridiculous entry fees of like, $15...), so I was stuck with a contest from a website for a magazine called Next Step Magazine. It's not a great one, but I wanted to get the contest over with so I have one less thing to worry about. All it asked for was an editorial about issues like peer pressure, racism, friendship, etc. So I wrote this piece (which, I just found out, I'm supposed to show to my teacher...she's going to murder me for writing such crap) in a total of half an hour.

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I don't particularly care for it, but seeing as all the other entries that previously won were crap and the prize for winning is $100, I felt I might as well just enter it.

Anyway, I was also looking back on my old poems because I was thinking of entering a poetry contest, and I discovered my old website which still has the poems I wrote ages ago on it. I started reading through them, and found them...well, amusingly bad. But here are a few anyway.

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I'm sorry if you think any lesser of me after reading that interesting material. But anyway...a few last things...

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That is all :) (Mind you, this was all an excuse to not do my homework.)

♥ Annie