December 30th, 2005

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A Thousand Words (ch 8)

Okay well I've been rather occupied these last few days reading an extraordinary, remarkable, beautiful, fantastic, amazing (I hope that's enough adjectives for everyone to get the hint that they should go read it) fic called 'Shifts' and the part of its sequel, 'Shades', that's up. They're general/romance fics that centre around Remus and Tonks (obviously, the ship is Remus/Tonks) and they're both written by fernwithy. I highly encourage anyone who enjoys well-written stories with touching, intricate plots and can make it through HBP-length stories to go check it out.

ANYWAY. I have chapter 8 right here, but it's the last of my already-written chapters. I've been stuck on chapter 9 for a while now (I did manage to write like, two lines today...huge accomplishment, right?) so I'm not making much progress. Scratch that...I just finished chapter 9. But I still haven't really written anything except that piece for the contest lately. And it sucks because school's about to start again, so I'll have no time to write. *tragic sigh*.

Title: A Thousand Words (ch 8)
Summary: Of life-changing decisions, unwanted assistants, and tea shops.

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*scurries off to go wait anxiously for the next installment of 'Shades'*

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