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More updates on my life...

First ATW. I sat down and wrote a page and a half this chapter 28 is ALMOST done. I know what I still need to write, and I think I'm going to try to finish tonight if I can get my English essay done first.

As for anime, since my last post, I finished Fushigi Yuugi, Gravitation, Peach Girl, Loveless, Sukisyo, Pretear, Papa to Kiss in the Dark, Our Road of No Return, and am currently in the process of watching Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. Yes, I'm fully aware that I'm a freak...but in my defence, aside from Fushigi Yuugi (which I was practically done with anyway), all of those are really short animes. I've decided that my favourite anime of everything I've watched so far is probably Loveless, and to prove it, I uploaded 11 Loveless userpics. Also, you can probably tell from the animes I've watched that I've really gotten into yaoi. I can't help it...from the perspective of a huge slash fan, yaoi is like a gift from the heavens.

Anyway, umm...yeah, that's about all I had to say. I'm pretty busy this week with homework (even though I should be more busier busier (don't ask how I got "more busier"...I'm a moron), considering I'm all but failing AP Calc...but I like to pretend that I'm not) and Halloween and preparations for Dance Day auditions and stuff, so hopefully I'll be able to finish ch 28 by tonight.

♥ Annie
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