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Yay, another one ^_^ I haven't had much time to make them lately...I finished both the anime and all 133 scanlated manga chapters of Furuba (Fruits Basket) but school is keeping me so busy that I couldn't find the time to make a Kyou x Tohru AMV. Besides, the anime series is way too only covers about 40 chapters of the manga, so there isn't much Kyou x Tohru in the anime at all.

I also finished Ouran High School Host Club, which went by REALLY fast even though it was 26 episodes too. Perhaps that's because I did some hardcore procrastinating/staying up late/waking up early and being dead for the rest of the school day this week. And I had to take the SAT yesterday morning...ugh, that was five hours of hell. Just don't ever take the SAT unless you absolutely need to.


Hmm..I think I might start on Fushigi Yuugi now. But before that, I need to somehow find a way to finish my English homework...

♥ Annie
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