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Two AMVs

Sorry...despite the long period of time since my last update, I still don't have a new chapter of ATW. It's just that whenever I open up Word to start, I realise that I have other writing projects for school and college I ought to be working on instead (because I'm a huge procrastinator, as my delay in updates makes clear), so I force myself to work on those.

Admittedly, I do occasionally find some time to spare, but over the past month I've spent that time watching anime. I finished Tokyo Mew Mew a while ago, and I just finished Cardcaptor Sakura (BEST. ANIME. EVER.) yesterday. I really do recommend watching CCS; I think I might like it even more than SM.

Oh, and this is completely off-topic, but I bought The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory a while ago. I haven't found time to read much of it yet (I only got about 200 pages into it) but it's really good so far. I believe a movie based off of it is coming out next year.

Here's an AMV of my favourite TMM pairing, Ryou x Ichigo, I made to "Somebody" by Bonnie McKee.

And of course, my new alltime favourite pairing PERIOD, Syaoran x Sakura...the song I used is from Clay Aiken's (♥) new album, A Thousand Different Ways. I highly recommend buying it because Clay is amazing :) Anyway, the song's called A Thousand Days. I love it. And I love Syaoran x Sakura even more...I always get giddy when I think of them, they're so cute!

Eh, I dunno what I'm going to do now. I've been obsessively looking up different animes that I might be interested in, and I've watched the first episodes of about 2304839204302 of them, but I have no desire to continue with any of them. I'm forcing myself to keep watching Tsubasa right now because it has crossover characters from CCS in it, but honestly, I don't really like it.

Now, back to poetry...

♥ Annie
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