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Fic rec: Left and Leaving

Left and Leaving by pyrimidine
Arthur/Eames, Inception, 5k, R
Summary: The Time Traveler's Wife AU. Arthur is Clare, Eames is Henry.

pyrimidine is one of my favourite inception authors, but she's really outdone herself this time. this is inception fandom's first time traveler's wife AU, and it absolutely deserves the honour of being the first of its kind.

the fic is so beautiful it takes my breath away. it takes the source material (about a man who's born with a genetic condition that causes him to travel through time without warning, visiting the woman he loves at random points of her life starting from childhood while she waits for him to come back in the present) and respects it without replicating it. eames is the time traveler in this case. the fic alternates between two chronological story lines: the first, set in the past starting from the first time present!eames visits young!athur, and the second, set in the present starting from arthur and eames' first "real" meeting.

what really makes the fic believable is the characters. the author is always mindful of which story she's telling and which version of her characters she's dealing with. young!arthur has so much insight and maturity, but he's still innocent in a way that makes you want to cuddle him and protect him from the heartbreaking situation he's inevitably going to end up in. eames is so... gah, I DON'T EVEN KNOW. so perfect. the best way to put it is that this is one of those rare, wonderful stories that unfolds in what the characters don't say, rather what they do say.

I'M SORRY THIS REVIEW IS SO INCOHERENT ;____; the fic is just too complex and layered for me to adequately describe. read it for the little moments that make you go "oh. oh." and hastily scroll back up so you can reread the fic from the start for the 10th time with a new, slightly more complete understanding of what's going on. it's like a puzzle -- the pieces start out jumbled, but just be patient and everything will slot into place once you've seen the bigger picture.

oh, and the writing. THE WRITING IS GORGEOUS. read it for that, too. hell, fuck the reasons, just read the damn thing.
Tags: inception, recs
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