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i guess there's evan lysacek, too

so i just spent the past half hour or so going through evan's twitter, and i have to say, despite his reputation as coca-cola's golden boy, he has NO FILTER WHATSOEVER. he was bitching about tanith and how she's dating charlie white (i guess that's how the rumour started?), which is a total no-no PR move. also, am i the only one who thinks he's flamingly gay? because his constant tweets about hot female celebs come off as overcompensation to me, and his signature is "XXE" (kiss kiss evan, according to one of his twitter arguments). and this? THIS IS VERY GAY:

however, i heard he said he'd buy a "sick sports car" if he won the gold. I'M SO CONFUSED.

one thing i know for sure is i don't like him. yeah, he's hot, but he seems cocky and dim-witted. i don't like that he pretty much denounced the glittery theatrics of figure skating. it just seems like he tries too hard to be ~heteronormal so the media will keep tongue bathing him. also, this quote: “I started calling him the swan ‘cause he wore that funny swan outfit, and then he started calling me a mongoose, and I don’t even know what that is." seriously, evan? watch animal planet, okay?

IDK. i definitely wouldn't say no to hate!sex between him and johnny, though:

and while we're on the subject of johnny, here are a few more pics:

(with tanith, his roommate and evan's ex)

ready for your surprise gif?

SORRY I HAD TO DO IT. here's some sassy!brian to erase that image from your mind:

oh, and for all you new fans, pwnquin posted a johnny friending meme!

The Johnny Weir Friending Meme! :D
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