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backpacking through europe alone?

so i'm trying to figure out what i want to do during the 10-day spring break i have in march, because i just discovered that my group has split off into two groups, one of which is doing all spain and one of which is doing all italy. i kind of want to go to spain, italy, and greece, so i'm going to try doing 2 days in barcelona, 3 days in rome, 2 days in florence, and 2 days in athens. i can probably meet up with people in spain and italy, but i'm a little worried about being alone in athens. i'm not a very outgoing or adventurous person (i know, i know -- the only reason why i'm considering going alone is because i'm very stubborn and i want to see what i want to see), and i think i'd get lonely very quickly. i'm also concerned about safety, even though i know there are a lot of solo female backpackers in europe.

has anyone ever travelled through europe alone? how was the experience? also, does anyone have tips on places to visit (either in those cities or other cities that you think might be more fun than those ones)?
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