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epiphany of the day

after my epic weekend trip to amsterdam (during which i experienced a series of firsts, including pole dancing in public, smoking weed, and nearly getting into a fist fight with a couple of assholes in the red light district), i decided my newfound knowledge of legal prostitution would be best put to use in a merlin/arthur hooker!AU featuring window-prostitute!arthur and semi-stoner!merlin.

i chose to embark on this adventure today, as i was feeling sick and antisocial. i was merrily writing away, getting ever closer to the porn (which was really my main motivation for writing the fic), when it struck me that merlin had no reason whatsoever to look twice at arthur. this was a huge problem, since, well, that's what the fic is about.

a slew of other pressing concerns followed my realisation: who is merlin? who is arthur? how do i keep my arthur and merlin IC in such an OOC 'verse? why is merlin attracted to arthur if he's straight? what makes merlin change his mind after he initially turns down the opportunity to fuck arthur? what happens after the porn? how did arthur manage to secure a window in the heterosexual red light district? what's he doing in the red light district, anyway? what is the purpose of this random scene in which merlin confronts arthur in the supermarket, other than to give myself an excuse to write high!merlin?

i wish i could say i resolved these issues, but i didn't. instead, i am now stuck with 8 pages of a fic that will, like many, many others before it, disappear into the dark abyss of my WIP folder, leaving me with nothing to show for my efforts. hooker fic, we hardly knew ye.

moral of the story: character development is, unfortunately, very important. even when writing porn. don't neglect it, or your story will succumb to the same sorry fate as mine.
Tags: fic updates (or lack thereof), writing
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