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adam twirl


  • 17th Jan, 2010 at 7:40 PM
1. hd_holidays reveals are up! :D a lot of my favourite fics from the fest were written by people i've never heard of, which i LOVE. some of my favourite authors also wrote fics that i didn't get around to reading, which means i've got enough reading material to keep me occupied for the next few days \o/

2. omg someone wrote a 95k fic for camelotsolstice o_o i tried to read it, but the paragraphs are really dense, and i couldn't focus. if anyone finishes it, let me know how it is.

3. i filled a kinkme_merlin prompt yesterday. i got all excited about finally finishing something, then i realised what i wrote was god awful two seconds after i finished posting it to the comm and had a little guilt attack where i felt bad for the person who posted the prompt. so, yeah. thank god for anonymity.

4. in happier news, the golden globes are tonight! they've got a history of favouring audience-friendly films, which means avatar might have a chance at nabbing best drama. IF IT DOESN'T, I WILL CRY.



_pinkchocolate wrote:
17th Jan, 2010 23:24 (UTC)
it's amazing! the city is SO gorgeous, and it's always busy. the people are rude as hell and the food and weather suck, but i find that i don't mind so much.