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angsty post is angsty

i always feel sad as the year draws to a close. that's when i look back on the year fandom had and realise how drastically we've changed as we've aged. i was moving some of my fic bookmarks over to delicious today, and one of the ones i transferred was beautiful world. that was the fic that introduced me to slash. i still remember how i felt when i read it three years ago: torn apart by the story and amazed that a piece of fiction could do that to me. irresistible poison, eclipse, sex magic, bond, love under will, underwater light -- remember those? they were my training wheels when i first discovered H/D fandom. some of them i adored, others i couldn't get into, but H/D fandom wouldn't be the same without them.

back then, writing H/D was an entirely different craft. almost all H/D fics were set in hogwarts. stories were chaptered and posted on schnoogle or the angst was more situational than emotional -- it came from war, fighting for survival, forced allegiances, family obligations, and house rivalries. we had an open canon: no one knew what would happen next, and some of the best stories would be become AU the moment we got a new book.

our harry and draco aren't fumbling teenage boys sneaking around behind their housemates' backs anymore. they have nothing to fear from death eaters and voldemort. forget N.E.W.T.s and quidditch; they're adults, and they have children, marriage, and work to deal with. yeah, we still have murder mysteries and 8th year fics, but there's a certain maturity to the H/D fandom closing the decade that its younger counterpart didn't have.

the worst part is waiting for fandom's inevitable demise. we only have two movies left to go. i don't think HP fandom will ever completely disappear, but it sure as hell is dwindling. some of our best writers have left already. people (myself included) are losing interest, and it's kind of painful to see it happening. i know things change, but it sucks that it has to happen to something that was the only stable thing i had during my horrible teenage years.

btw, here's the picture that prompted this impromptu sobfest:

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