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johnny weir 2

LA show 7/16 and Ontario show 7/17

  • 18th Jul, 2009 at 3:53 PM
Originally posted on ontd_ai; reposting this here.

I went to both of these shows; my review + pics + videos are under the cut. (By the way, I wrote this last night so "today" means the day of the Ontario show, and "yesterday" means the day of the LA show.)


I went with heatherlovesca. Her aunt couldn't make the show, so she was kind enough to give the extra ticket to me. We went to the box office to see if we could get good seats. We ended up going with section 117, row 17, seats 1-4 (basically we were in that "behind the stage" section) because the show was literally sold out save for the really, really high seats. This was the view from where we were sitting:

After we got our tickets we went to Starbucks to charge our phones, so we missed Michael coming out and most of Kris and Matt. When we went back to the tour buses Kris and Matt were just leaving, but Danny stuck around for a while, and I got a picture with him:

The show was amazing. I've never heard Scott sing live before, and he was fantastic. The crowd definitely favored Adam. Everyone loved Danny's PYT -- it really got the crowd going. Matt was the standout performer of the night. His "Hard to Handle" and "Georgia on my Mind" blew me away. Danny's sermon before "My Wish" was REALLY long and even more awkward. He started talking about abusive relationships halfway through and I couldn't listen anymore because the secondhand embarrassment was too overwhelming. Megan hit her lip with the mic after her first song and said something along the lines of "Ouch... well, that was great" or something. She didn't show up during DSB because she was sick. During intermission I went down and spotted Samantha Ronson but couldn't find Cheeks, who I really wanted to see. Other celebs there included Lindsay Lohan, Perez Hilton, Adam's friend Alisan (as everyone probably knows lol), and Markus Molinari (another one of Adam's friends).

Sorry about the proposal thing, but in my defence, I didn't even realise how seriously people were taking it until I got home and checked the comm; if I had, I would have tweeted a disclaimer or something. While I was filming DSB I noticed that Adam was doing some weird thing where it looked like he was down on bended knee (I couldn't tell if he really was, since I was above the stage). I tweeted saying did something that looked like he was proposing to Kris, and someone tweeted back saying Kris laughed when Adam did the "proposal dance." We only used the term because we couldn't figure out what it was, but suddenly Twitter exploded. I got confused and started thinking it really was a proposal because everyone else was so convinced, and we all know what happened after that, lol.


After the show we hurried out to the tour buses and squeezed into the crowd. The line was ridiculously long and mostly composed of 12-15 year old girls with grouchy parents asking if they could leave yet every five minutes. We waited until around 11:45 -- it took forever because the after party was legit compared to the other after parties -- and then when Sarver came out. He moved through the crowd quickly and apologised for not being able to spend more time with us. When I asked about his next Twitter party, he said it'd be that night (which was a lie D:).

Allison came out next, and she looked uncharacteristically stressed. She hardly spoke to anyone and literally ran down the line, scribbling on anything that was shoved in her face. What really pissed me off was that everyone kept yelling at Sarver and Allison to bring Adam out. We left after Allison passed us, but I heard everyone but Anoop, Megan, and Kris came out later (by then it was wayyy past midnight, so I don't blame them for not wanting to stay). Oh, and before we left I had a pretty good conversation with:


Today's show was much more fun, IMO. Performance-wise, LA was definitely better, but Ontario had a smaller venue with less celebrities/security, so it was a little more personal. Those silver barrier things in the pic of our view in the Staples Center went above people's heads, so no one in the first row could lean over. In Ontario, the barriers only went up to our waists-ish, so we could lean as far as we wanted.

I went with honey_wheeler. It was a totally spontaneous (and freaking awesome) decision we made last night in the proposal post. I took this Kradam sign with me because thepartycrasher (the guy who made it/is holding it in the photo) had gotten Adam to sign it yesterday and wanted a pic of the boys holding it. (Idk if you guys remember, but this is the sign Kradam saw during the finale.)

honey_wheeler managed to score front row left tix in the morning, so our seats were amazing. We were hella close, which made up for the fact that we spent most of the time looking at their asses. We got stuck in traffic and ended up missing Sarver, Megan, and Scott because of this:

Everyone was great as usual. However, I was surprised by how scripted this show is. Literally everything they said was word for word the same as what they said in LA. The good thing was that Danny's sermon was much shorter -- I think he learned a lesson after the backlash yesterday. The crowd loved Adam and Danny. Anoop had a pretty good response too. He's ridiculously good-looking up close. I almost died when he came over to our side of the stage. And I swear, Matt was looking straight into my soul at the beginning of "You Found Me." He probably couldn't see me but I'll choose to believe he was singing to me, idgaf.

Random facts: Danny and Matt both sweat A LOT. Matt had to keep wiping under his hat, and Danny's shirt was soaked with sweat. I also didn't realise how much humping goes on in this concert. Adam and Danny both humped/straddled the mic stand, Matt came close to doing it, and Anoop's hips had a mind of their own.

Mishavonna was in the front row a few seats away, and all the idols pointed/waved at her during their songs. She and Allison had a long finger pointing conversation. During Matt's set, Mishavonna looked totally lovestruck; it was really cute. She was out by the buses later, though, so I'm not sure if she didn't get into the afterparty or went and left early. She seemed pissed off for some reason. Did she witness the butt slap? Maybe Matt scorned her at the AP because he has Kris now?

Speaking of the butt slap, I'll be perpetually headdesking for not catching it on my camera. honey_wheeler was the only one who saw it. It happened after DSB, when the lights went down and the contestants started leaving the stage. A bunch of them left through the exit next to our section. Matt lagged behind, so he ran to catch up with them. Kris was at the back of the group, and as Matt jogged up to him, he playfully smacked Kris's ass. apriljoiex later confirmed that it did, in fact, happen.

After the show we went down to the buses and met up with whoaaatraceyy. We hung around for a while with apriljoiex and her group. That's when we told her about the butt slap (she hadn't seen it). Some women saw the Kradam sign and showered it with compliments (I hope you're reading this, thepartycrasher!). Megan came out around 11:20. She was really sweet and stopped to take pictures/hug/sign whatever. I remember thinking she was gorgeous when we met at the finale, but she was REALLY stunning tonight. I almost didn't want to take a pic with her because she's so beautiful.

Sarver came out after Megan. By that time the three of us were frustrated because the line near the front was getting longer, so we went over there to wait. Sarver came by and I started screaming for him (honey_wheeler insists I'm an ass kisser, BUT I REALLY DO LOVE HIM), but I didn't want to ask for a picture because he seemed like he didn't want to take them. I saw him taking a picture later and I sadfaced, but it was way too insane where he was so I didn't bother going to find him. whoaaatraceyy asked him when the next Twitter party's going to be, and he said maybe tomorrow night. I asked him why not tonight, and he told me he planned to collapse in bed the moment he could. Then Allison came out and the signing got really insane/terrifying. There were 5 year old girls screaming and pushing people out of the way, and parents shoving their toddlers in the contestants' faces. Allison was kind enough to take a picture with me, but after I got my pic about 50 people pushed in to get pics with Allison, so I backed the fuck out of there.

At that point, all the idols started coming out. I moved to a different part of the line to catch Matt and Lil, who had passed while I was caught up with Allison. I didn't have anything for anyone other than Kris and Adam to sign, so I really just wanted pictures, but I wasn't close enough to the front to ask, and Matt didn't seem to want to take pics. I started walking back to our original spot, but then Adam skipped our part of the line so I had to run back to a different section. I squeezed in far enough to hold up the Kradam sign when he approached. He looked at it, laughed and complimented it, and signed it (again, lol). I asked if he could take a picture with it but his bodyguard told me he wasn't allowed to stop for any pictures. I was disappointed, but I moved down the line to catch him so he could sign my Rolling Stone copy.

Danny and Anoop appeared out of nowhere next. Danny was mobbed -- he agreed to hug one girl, and he literally got swallowed by arms after that.

He didn't seem to be in a good mood, so I let him go without asking for a pic (which would have been impossible anyway). Maybe it's because people were shoving Adam posters at him.

I did ask Danny if he could say hi to ontd_ai, but either he didn't hear me or he chose to ignore me. Anoop was more or less the same, except that he responded -- he said hi to some chick's friend, I asked him about ontd_ai, and he said:

(I'm not sure what he said. At first I thought it was "that's a good one" but now I'm not sure. honey_wheeler might remember)

Scott came out next. He was incredibly sweet -- there's something really gentle and patient about him, and it was a nice break from the craziness. His brother said he was happy to take pictures, so I asked for one. It took forever for Scott to figure out where I was. He posed with the girl next to me at first. His brother was like, no, Scott, other side, and then he turned to some random spot that wasn't me. I was hella awkward turtle bc I had no idea what to do. Finally I was like, *gently guides Scott in the right direction*

After Scott moved on, some girl jabbed a poster at him and it almost took out his eye. That was pretty unfortunate. I believe this is the offending poster, if I'm not mistaken:

FINALLY bb Kris came out last. I actually didn't notice him because there wasn't any crazy screaming/stampeding for him. He came around and I held out the Kradam poster for him to sign. He looked at it, grinned, and said he remembered the poster. His bodyguard said he couldn't take pictures, which was totally lame because he was moving pretty slow. The best I could get was:

Here are Kradam's signatures:

All my videos can be found here

I have the following:

Adam - Whole Lotta Love (hip thrusts)
Adam - Starlight (full)
Adam - Bowie medley (most of it)
Matt - You Found Me (most of it)
Top 10 - Don't Stop Believing (most of it)

Anoop - Mad (part)
Adam - Whole Lotta Love (hip thrusts)
Adam - Bowie medley (full)
Kris - Hey Jude (part)
Top 10 - Don't Stop Believing (part)
Random stuff from post-show signing


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whoaaatraceyy wrote:
19th Jul, 2009 22:50 (UTC)
he said hi to some chick's friend
That chick was me XD.
_pinkchocolate wrote:
20th Jul, 2009 00:45 (UTC)
LOL I forgot you were standing next to me!
_pinkchocolate wrote:
20th Jul, 2009 00:45 (UTC)
LOL I forgot you were standing next to me!
choco_carebear wrote:
24th Jul, 2009 03:32 (UTC)
Loved your review and your pictures. =)
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