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Does anyone have rum or vodka?

I have mint, lime and pellegrino... let's make some cocktails and sit inside where it's cool. I even have a Getz/Gilberto record to listen to - so it'll be like we're on the beach... but without the sun beating down on us.

Ok, maybe not. I'll still be inside with the fan straight on me, knitting.
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Here's the status on my newest knitting project....

I've got the front finished! The back is now started and in it's 2nd inch. I have a feeling this may be finished by the time it gets warm out... What? A finished project? It can't be!


So, this has to be the cutest thing I've heard in a long time.

Rosie Thomas + Sufjan Stevens = having a baby!

That's going to be the cutest kid EVAR.

EDIT: Looks like Rosie pulled a fast one on Pitchfork, and ME. It's a joke.

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Nordstrom in Beachwood, OH has Iron & Wine as their hold music. Weird.

I haven't started to pack, yet. I thought I would yesterday... it didn't happen.
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"The removal of such a highly efficient country-wide beverage distribution system could have an impact not only on pupils' hydration, but also on pupil behaviour" - as they were likely to buy products outside school "before, during and after the school day".

Corporations do not belong in schools
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