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Only in that world

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18th February 2007

11:39pm: Cleaning out my Flist! (with love) Anyone who has an active journal is being kept; anyone who's not is banned. D; Why? Because if your journal is dead, well...I doubt you'll un-add me and it bugs me. A few "dead" journals I'll keep because I know you're not "dead", you're just hibernating or using this as a stalking method.
So, uh...if I banned you and you decide you want back in, e-mail me:

Let me make this clear: this is not a friends cut. You don't need to comment to be kept. @__@ I'm not removing anyone who's still alive.

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7th November 2005


Respect my entries and don't be a complete jackass. Comment here if you add me, otherwise I won't know.
This is my journal; my opinions. Don't like it? Then don't add me.

I like to actually get to know the people on my f-list. So please, if you're adding me just for the sake of adding me, please don't. I'm not fussy with the people I add, but please have genuine interest in talking to me.
Other than that, add away~

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