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Leaving. - Jean-Luc's Journal

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septembre 20e, 2003

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08:21 pm - Leaving.
We've been here long enough, I believe. While it's certainly been...entertaining if one can call it that, I do have duties to get back to on my own ship. If Riker hasn't declared me dead and taken over my ship in my absence. I also have no idea how much time has passed in my timeline, but it has been awhile here.

*starts pacing*

And last night. Vash certainly hasn't changed any. And Q. Just what exactly did he mean by not paying any attention to any scurrilous rumors I may hear back home? What rumors? Beverly and I really shouldn't remain in such close quarters any longer than necessary. It's setting up false expectations. I need to be assured that all is well on my ship. I should attempt to make contact with william_riker or mr_data to find out what is happening over there.

I did mention something about dinner to Captain Archer however. Perhaps we could schedule that as soon as possible, so that I could expedite our return. Those rumors, my ship...it's imperative that I get back to my own time. We may have already done irreparable harm to this timeline with our presence here. Hm. That certainly bears thinking about. Perhaps Commander Data would inform me of history as it stands from their end so we could compare versions. Although my memory isn't very accurate on that point. Damn.

*stops for a moment and frowns*

Actions taken in haste aren't always the right ones. Yet he who hesitates is lost. Trite sayings. And I may have to be resigned to the fact that I may never know if I did the right thing. But it's not like that hasn't happened before. I think I will comm Archer about dinner. And inform Beverly of our impending return to our ship.

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Date:septembre 23e, 2003 12:53 pm (UTC)

Memo to Captain Picard

Sir, my new assistant Melusine and I were able to open up a porthole for you and Dr. Crusher to return. I'm glad we were able to get it so close to you and at a good time I just wish I knew how we did that Anyway, I think you should know the porthole did not close behind you. Neither I or Melusine know why it won't close right now. We now have an open door connecting engineering on our ship to the quarters you were using on Captain Archer's.

This connection has remained stable, connecting the same two places regardless of the fact that our Enterprise has been moving about. Do you want me to put a high priority on closing the door in between the ships? Or should I and my crew take our time?
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Date:octobre 14e, 2003 10:09 am (UTC)
..and when we've returned, what exactly were you planning on doing, Jean Luc?
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Date:novembre 13e, 2003 08:55 pm (UTC)


*coughs* Well. Hm. Perhaps...dinner? *feels slightly guilty for seeming to avoid you lately* If she only knew what has been on my mind... I need to tell her about that, actually.

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