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juin 6e, 2004

10:14 pm - What is this supposed to mean?
I found this on my terminal when I went to check it.

_picard_'s LJ stalker is ms_q!
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Should I be concerned?

Humeur actuelle: confusedconfused

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mars 17e, 2004

07:48 pm - Brooding in the ready room.
*checks the terminal once more for reptile updates* It looks like they finally have things under control. *closes it down* Melusine should be having lunch with Guinan. I ought to try to eat something too. *stares out the window for a moment, unmoving*

*finally moves toward the replicator*

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janvier 17e, 2004

08:32 pm - The Nightmare.
*thinking about what he has to tell _melusine_ in the morning* *mentally*It hardly seems fair, especially on top of everything else she has had to deal with lately.
*to himself, quietly* I had better try to get some sleep, I didn't realize it's become so late. *heads for bed*

The NightmareRéduire )

*remembers his words to Robert in the vineyard after the borg assimilated him* Not good enough. *unaware, tears start to course down his face* *quietly, shivering* I need a shower.

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janvier 3e, 2004

01:55 am - Getting ready for bed.
That was certainly an interesting and productive conversation with _melusine_. I'm glad I was finally able to speak with her. Tomorrow I'll have to speak with beverlycrusher about those tests. *yawn* I must have stayed up later than I thought speaking with Melusine. Odd how no one came in the entire time we were talking.

The time I spent with her definitely gave me new avenues to explore, however. *changes out of uniform into pajamas* I'd better check my subspace messages to see if I've heard anything from Melusine's adoptive parents. *goes to his terminal* What?! A message from _vash_? What's this about a 'quiz'? *reads and becomes curious*

Which deadly sin do you represent? (Angel Sanctuary Pics)

brought to you by Quizilla

*is uncomfortable and annoyed* This is ridiculous. There have got to be more messages on this thing. *finds one from the planet Melusine's parents are stationed on, reads*

Oh no. *stunned*
Humeur actuelle: tiredtired

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novembre 13e, 2003

07:26 pm - I'm off to Ten Forward.
But first, I have to fulfill a promise I made to someone. My daughter. It still seems strange saying that. I am not sure I'll ever get used to it. I ought to tell myself that at least I missed the annoying early years of childhood. But it doesn't seem a very positive thought considering the strange circumstances. I need to speak with Beverly about those tests.

*sends subspace message off to find out where _melusine_'s parents are and why they haven't contacted her*
Humeur actuelle: accomplishedaccomplished

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septembre 20e, 2003

08:21 pm - Leaving.
We've been here long enough, I believe. While it's certainly been...entertaining if one can call it that, I do have duties to get back to on my own ship. If Riker hasn't declared me dead and taken over my ship in my absence. I also have no idea how much time has passed in my timeline, but it has been awhile here.

*starts pacing*

And last night. Vash certainly hasn't changed any. And Q. Just what exactly did he mean by not paying any attention to any scurrilous rumors I may hear back home? What rumors? Beverly and I really shouldn't remain in such close quarters any longer than necessary. It's setting up false expectations. I need to be assured that all is well on my ship. I should attempt to make contact with william_riker or mr_data to find out what is happening over there.

I did mention something about dinner to Captain Archer however. Perhaps we could schedule that as soon as possible, so that I could expedite our return. Those rumors, my ship...it's imperative that I get back to my own time. We may have already done irreparable harm to this timeline with our presence here. Hm. That certainly bears thinking about. Perhaps Commander Data would inform me of history as it stands from their end so we could compare versions. Although my memory isn't very accurate on that point. Damn.

*stops for a moment and frowns*

Actions taken in haste aren't always the right ones. Yet he who hesitates is lost. Trite sayings. And I may have to be resigned to the fact that I may never know if I did the right thing. But it's not like that hasn't happened before. I think I will comm Archer about dinner. And inform Beverly of our impending return to our ship.

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septembre 10e, 2003

07:50 am - I'm here now, I think.
That was odd. Time travel was never that easy before. That field must be spreading. I must remember to ask Q if it's a danger to the stability of space.

Now I wonder where their Sickbay is located...
Humeur actuelle: curiouscurious

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septembre 2e, 2003

05:26 pm - Waiting in Sickbay for Beverly to show up.
She did say to come down here at my convenience, and I did let her know I was coming over here now. Where is she? And why are there so few people here on duty right now? It must be a slow night. Perhaps the crew needs more to do around here.


Nurse, do you know where the doctor can be found?

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03:56 pm - Checking up on the Doctor's claims.
Before heading off for my appointment with beverlycrusher to look in to her specious claim that I have fathered a child of which I was unaware, I have taken the liberty of calling up the list of new crew members who have joined us at our last stop. I have narrowed the list down to seven individuals who are at least half-human. But really, all of this is just nonsense. I have always been careful I think. It must be a ploy to get me over to Sickbay. It can't be anything else.
Humeur actuelle: brooding

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août 31e, 2003

11:39 pm - I've just had some startling news.
I have just been informed by beverlycrusher that I may be a father. This isn't the sort of thing one likes to be told out of the blue. Especially if it might be true. It looks like I'll have to go to sickbay to submit to some...testing. It may be a ploy to get me down there. She knows how I hate physicals. She didn't even tell me who this mythical child is. My day is going to be more interesting than I thought.
Humeur actuelle: not sure, exactly.

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août 24e, 2003

09:09 am - I have finally found...
...a place where I can record my thoughts without those nosy admirals and such looking in. They will use any excuse they can to read personal logs. Well, I have managed to side-step them now!

I have met _vash_ here. I think she has her eye on me. I'm not sure, but I might be feeling a trifle nervous about that.

Riker has been flirting with that new lieutenant at navigation. I wish he wouldn't. I am so tired of hearing about his exploits and paternity suits in my ready room. Perhaps Beverly will have some gossip worth listening to over breakfast.

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