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#271: morning's CL

Right, so I woke up to catch the last ten minutes of Arsenal v Real Madrid, only shocked to see
a goaless draw which also means that Arsenal goes through with the 1-0 aggregate win. Seriously, what's wrong with Real Madrid? Definitely, they should send on Robinho much earlier if they want to win or score but they are only sending him out in the last 7 minutes! With Robinho, Ronaldo and Ramos infront, they can't score? What crap is this?? Tskk, *shakes head*. Disappointment. I was expecting them to score 2 goals or something and I see a 0-0 when I turn on the tv. Furthermore, Real played dirty - Bravo trying to get Helb up with such fierce pull and Zidane pushing the head of Ljungberg when he lost his boot? Just what attitude is this? This is not expected from a world-class player, eh? Overall, I would say Arsenal played the better game, really despite Real Madrid's few shots on goal saved by the golden hands of Lehmann. Sorry lalita82, howie10 and other RM fans out there for the elimination.

Then, I switched the channel to check on Liverpool v Benfica. 0-2 on the 2nd leg. ZERO-TWO THEY TRAIL. Champions of CL 2004/2005 losing out 0-3 on aggregate?! Ridiculous. I thought they could win it and blah, they lost it. Bye, Liverpool. I only caught like the last 5 minutes of the gameplay so I don't know who played the better team. Peter Crouch, very much sadded and yes, there is a reason. Mr Rafael did well but maybe this time the tactics didn't work against Benfica. Sorry to autumnstar15 for the elimination as well.

After the matches, they had this CL aftermatch preview. Hm, JAMIE REDKNAPP, Graehem Souness(?!) as 2 of the 4 guests in studio, heh. I mean, Souness? Geez.

So right now, Barca, Arsenal, Benfica, Juventus, Lyon, AC Milan and Villareal are through.

I should be worrying for Ajax v Internazionale next week. I'll be dead happy if Ajax goes through but I would think they would not make it so far but if Internazionale goes through instead, they would have a shot at winning the title. Hmm, I had a dream that Arsenal and AC Milan were grouped together and AC Milan won hahah.

*hugs all RM and Liverpool fans on her flist*

#271: pc-stuff

Stupid Frontpage. I just can't find it on my list of programmes but when I searched it under Add/Remove programme list, it's there. FREAKING HELL.

I took the CD from my parents' room to install and it says that the file already existed, UGHHH.


I've been such a bummer at home, infront of my laptop like almost everyday, for 7 hours on the average.
That's insane and if that's not enough, the wind is trying to play games with me. It comes when I turn on the fan but stops blowing when I turn off the fan.

List of things to complete and do:
- read up dutch language book
- finish reading Wayne Rooney's Autobiography
- copy out whatever recipe that is nice from Gary Rhode's recipe book
- finish up Inter Milan's, Barcelona's and Luis Garcia's wallpapers

#238: RIP, Mr David Lee, you were great.

I just received news earlier from Ritzuan
that my Secondary 3 and 4 accounts teacher passed
away last saturday from apparently, a suicide jump
from 30 storeys up. That is what most people are saying
but I am unsure how true can that be. I really pity
him because he was still unmarried at 40+ :/

But that's not important to know but it's really
sad that he has depart the world. Thanks Mr Lee,
for injecting so much effort into teaching us
for the 2 years while you were still around and thanks
for those memorable moments.

Earlier on, I was talking to one of my ex-classmates
who is now 21 years of age and the most shocking thing
was when she told me that she is already married with a daughter
of 6 months old. I was like WTH?! Married at 21?! It's
considered very young here anyway and that's so crazy. She will
be taking her GCSE 'O's 2 years from now, geez!

The weather here has been crazy. It was raining earlier,
then it stopped then it rained again. It seems that
the weather god has not made up his mind whether or not
to rain. *shakes head*

Anyway, decided to pose with my mini nike football
since I'm in a FULL manchester united football attire.

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