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I guess..I've found the fun in friendships. :D

I am still sad over the fact that USA lost to both Russia and Finland respectively.
The winter Olympics is coming to an end so quickly UGH and I've missed TEAM USA in most of their ice-hockey actions, not a good way eh.

Anyway, caught Final Destination 3 yesterday with my classmates and it was awesome, 9/10.
The most hilarious part was the 2 babes getting toasted in the tanning machine. Okay, I'm such a sadist. It was actually horrible and yea, maybe you should catch it if you want to know more but those who are not up for horrid stuffs should avoid it.

Note to self: please buy a new pc mouse tomorrow. (Yes, my mouse's right click got jammed and I need a new one.)

I need to get some sleep and goodnight ya'll.