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#286: new haircut

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Yesterday's outing to Pasir Ris park was fun and hang out at Melissa's for dinner after that. Dead tired, drained of all energy definitely and last but not least, one of the guys stepped on my lower leg during the all-boys-and-one-girl(me) soccer while at the park. Got a blue black :(

Congrats to all winning teams in EPL last night. Chelsea won, no conceding of goals, West Ham with a late win, Arsenal's game postponed due to water-logged field, Blackburn's 1 goal win, Liverpool's great win. *hugs all soccer girls in the flist* I don't know who's Ajax is facing this weekend.

Y'know, Singapore soccer sucks like hell and I don't see a future in our soccer, really. One way to make a future in Singapore's soccer is that they should go to Brazil and bring the little boys back here.

I love Andy van de Meyde's blonde dutch hair and his cute face.
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