I decided to change my wallpaper. Sandro Dias has been on my wallpaper for quite some time.

From a dark grey to total whitewash:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us to Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Oh yea, it's Johnny Hetinga's turn now.

Does anyone know how I can change the color of the text to black for the icon desktops? I have trouble seeing the text, as you can see from the image.

YAY THE WEEKENDS!!!! Oh, new icon too and it's Johnny and the mascot.
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#305: as much as I would love to.


I'm going to miss one of his lessons - on the 29th May CUZ I'LL BE STILL IN GOLD COAST because I've been told that my Uncle has already fixed the dates for the holiday >:(

Justyn told the class on his first lesson that no one is to miss his class unless he/she has a broken leg and it can't move(ROFL.)

Other than that, I am going to miss Eddie's Film Criticism & Analysis lesson on tuesday. DANG DANG DANG DANG DANG! *headdesk*

Shit happens.
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Mom says that Uncle is gona bring us to Gold Coast for 5 days!!

The actual date is actually 27th May - 1 June but MY HOLIDAYS ONLY STARTS ON 3rd JUNE!
So mom is gona get my uncle to move the date to 3rd June so that I can go!! OH YES, I WANA BE OUT OF SINGAPORE, EVEN FOR 5 DAYS! Then in december or the following new year, I might be travelling again to Australia maybe again with my dad's side relatives! AHH SO FUN. I've not been going on holiday for like 23639 months already. I wish to be out of Singapore like forever but well, I guess 5 days would be good enough, as much as I wish to be out(of singapore) forever.

Were you thinking that I will be migrating when you saw the title, eh? HAHAHAHA.

Lates, school tomorrow.
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#302: I never see you again on this very last day maybe.

I didn't see golf-boy today through the working hours at my uncle's cake shop.
Oh well, never mind but I saw a cute baby who's dad is a caucasian and mom's a Singaporean, nice.
His mom said that she's leaving for Canada for 2 years tomorrow to work. So, not expecting the cute baby for a year at least or so, from what his mom said.

Wait, did I not mention that howie10 and voodoo_doll will be my classmates when school officially starts(not looking forward to it, totally.) tomorrow. At least there are people I know and I have a female-soccerdudette to talk and scream soccer lang at, yay. Furthermore on the plus points, every wednesdays I'll be staying home because I didn't take elective module, so wednesdays are gona be my holidays, yay.

Last night's Easter Play concert: Garden called gethsemane was awesome. Big round of applause for director, howillthisfadge. Oh hey Matthew, I love the song that the cast sang and the song by Loki Angeline, can you send it to me or on YSI, thanks a meelion :) I must must must say, Loki Angeline wins the best acting in the play! Daphne just suited that character. Glory unto God for bringing forth so many people to watch the play and a number who accepted Christ into their life.

In a few hours time, school officially begans and it's also the start of a 45min - 1 hour bus ride to school and the same back home.

Anyway, EPL title will go to Chelsea since Manutd lost on HOMEGROUND goaless, if they have won the game, Chelsea will have to wait but too bad it wasn't that way and I concede the title and not concede 2nd spot.
Liverpool will be third(at least they get a place in next season's CL, autumnstar15 and wongsta and Tottenham, fourth. I hope for a win, even if by a goal, away to Tottenham.

I miss Twinkle. She turns in circles and jumps at me on two feet whenever she sees me and I love seeing her because she's just the fun 5/6 year old australian terrier who is alway so happy, but not when she pees out of the newspaper.
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#301: you're such a pretty face.

Guy: *waits for his turn to make payment for a box of mini tarts*
Me(doing the cashier): That will be $8 please.

So the guy hands over a $10 note and in return, I give him a $2 change.

Before he went off...
Me: *spots his abit-red color on his arm skin and ask, "You went sun-tanning isit?"
Guy: "Ermm...I play golf, ya."
Me: "Oh...okay."

and off he went, out the door.

Seriously, seriously, he's so attractive and yes, he's got the charm
factor and he's good looking and I think he's around 18 or 19 years at least but hmm, he plays golf and
he got such a nice tan. Nice. He has the hair length of Petr Cech but shorter and he styled/waxed his hair in the same way as one of Beck's past hairstyle, all pointing towards the center, attractive eyes, nice-charming smile and great face! Well, Mr attractive-golfer, please do frequent DINO more often!

I hope he'll come again tomorrow or on sunday which I'll be working because school is starting on the coming monday! Nooo! I'll be staying over at my cousin's tomorrow to take care of her pets, which also means that I get to see Star, Twinkle and Tinky!

End of story.
Goodnight, folks.

dark_lost_soul, tell me about the joke thingy.
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#300: happy 300th post!

A blonde, brunette,and a redhead are hiding on a farm from the police.

The brunette hides in the chicken pen, and when the cop goes by, she says "cluck cluck" with the chickens, and he goes by not noticing. The redhead hides in the pig pen, and when the cop goes by, she says "oink oink" and the cop doesn't notice. Now the dumb blonde goes and hides in a potatoe sack, and when the cop walks by, she says "potato potato!" and she's busted!

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#296: football tv and ice hockey

Boy oh boy but still, Georgios's 1 goal for Man City is still insufficient and Man City lost 1-2 to Tottenham. This greek boy is such a wonder and he's such an attraction :) Yes, he is one of my favourite players now. I watched the whole match and Tottenham were the better team on the attack. Right now, Everton and Charlton coming to a close at 0-0. Young Darren Ambrose trying his luck again at long shots but the shots never go in. FT and Portsmouth draws Blackburn on the other channel. Portsmouth is getting better and so is Mendes. He's working wonders with Harry to make things better for Pompey. Snow has caused the game between Sunderland and Fulham to be cancelled, hmm, snow, I love snow but it's never possible to snow in Singapore. *meh face inserted here*

Getting late and MY SISTER WENT TO CATCH TheInsideMan with her boyfriend earlier on. UGHHH she could have gone with me to watch, knowing that I want to watch it too. UGHHHHHHHH THIS IS BEYOND FRUSTRATION and she said that movie was only average. *wonders* Oh well, maybe she don't like the show for who knows.

I don't know what happened to my dear dear New York Islanders. They've been on a losing streak lately and it pains me each time I see their score being lower than the opponent at FT. Ouch. We can't be relying on Yashin all the time to score and what is happening to my favourite Rick Dipietro? *shakes head* We're crumbling and I don't wish to see NYI boys in tears, I am sure they will be strong and they will bounce back.

Before I end:
leetje, be strong and don't feel depressed anymore for your friends and myself are here for you, okay? ♥

ZzzzzzzzZzz and I wana print a shirt, with it saying, "I love Ruud/Ruud is love/R is for Ruudje" :D

Steve Bruce being interviewed by John Dykes, not interesting.
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