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#307:sometimes your results show something that never speaks

I got another C for the Film Criticism & Analysis module. I did see it coming but I thought maybe Edward would like be nice and give a B at least and so it didn't happen. It's so frustrating. I've planned not to get any C grades when I start year 2 and now, only barely 2 weeks, I am getting 2 from the first lessons for 2 modules. Oh how great.

What's the point of going to school then? Friends, that's the answer that most people say.

I am not looking forward to anymore Cs, so NOT looking forward to a next one. If this
continues on, I have nothing to say for myself. I know performance is very much inclusive of the outcome daily grade but hello, I don't have any questions or much to say for the lesson, so what do you want me to do? There's so little I can speak for my slide, for shit sake. Okay, maybe I need to start speaking more and do something about my class's performance.

Getting Cs are just so depressing, let alone just one. Just excuse me for my whining.

Congrats to all Liverpudian fans on the win against the mighty Chelsea and great play.

School is so enjoyable, not, this time.

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