Breathe in the future, breathe out the past

A journal.

Phoebus Maximus
29 January 1990
acting like a spaz, adele, alan davies, apple computers, aquila, art, badges, banksy, beaches, beady belle, beatboxing, being cosy, being fucking mental, biscuits for breakfast, books, brighton, buying bras from ikea, canon eos 400d, cats, causing laughter, charity shops, cheesy music, chewing ice, classical music, cleaning, clothes, costa, creme eggs, cuban music, customizing, darondo, derren brown, donovan, drawing, drum and bass, earrings, edward monkton, emotional males, fashion, fink, fog, friends, geoff gascoyne, georgia nicolson, gigs, gogol bordello, gotan project, harry potter, herefordshire, holland, home education, hugh fearnley-whittingstall, hustle, india, innocent smoothies, insanity in numbers, interrail, iphone, ipods, jacqueline du pré, jamie cullum, jamie lidell, jamie's beatboxing, jazz, jelly sweets, jim noir, jimi hendrix, joanna newsom, jon ronson, kathryn williams, kenya, learning, les doigts de l'homme, long lasting hugs, lord of the rings, louise rennison, lush cosmetics, made up words, many types of tea, marc warren, marilyn manson, matisyahu, mmm burger, moto service stations, mr scruff, muse, music, nervy spazes, nigel harman, nighty night, nizlopi, older men, open-minded people, patrick and eugene, peace and quiet, pendulum, people watching, pete philly and perquisite, peter owen jones, photography, phullum, pointless nostalgic, pointless nostalgic forum, politics, primark, queen, rain, reading, sarcasm, seasick steve, sewing, shopping, shorts, skype, sleeping, smelling stella and leather, snail mail, snow, son of dave, stephen fry, steve jobs, storms, the anomalies, the desert, the guardian, the knife, the mighty boosh, the raconteurs, the seaside, the white stripes, thriftstoreuk, thriftstoreuk secret santa, tom waits, tracy chapman, traveling, trinity arts centre, tv, vogue, warmth, weekend magazine, wikipedia, wrapping things up, writing, yeah yeah yeahs