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Sardonic, sarcastic, and potty-mouthed, with no brain-to-mouth filter. I live life like a man walking backwards, I see where I've been but I don't always know exactly where I'm going.

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i post here very rarely anymore, you are more likely to find me on twitter or see one of my rare posts on my wordpress blog.

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- 27
- male
- g33k
- contacted.biological.family. - 05.08
- userinfo.last.updated : 09.21.10

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i am currently a full-time student, my major is information technology. i spend my days doing various things.. some of which include: hanging with friends, playing video games, working out, and reading. I'm looking into mixing my own music as well. I've have many projects currently underway and at times find myself playing catch up because I take up too many tasks at the same time. It's ok though, it keeps me busy and keeps me thinking.

RIP: Shaun - 07.23.87 - 11.30.08 - You will always be remembered, lil bro.

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this journal is friends only, if you wish to be added, you may leave a comment and request to be added on my -friends only post- [although, that doesn't mean i will add you]

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final fantasy vii is god.

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gaming is love.

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life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting, "... holy shit! ... what a ride!"
- unknown

mountain dew is the nectar of the gods

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