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Peter Pettigrew

The Only Wizard Who Went Bad That Wasn't In Slytherin


Peter Paul Pettigrew. It has a lot of P's in it.
Nicknames: Pete, Petey. ((Once he gets his Animagus form, Wormtail.))
Age (as of start of game): 15.
Birthday: 15 March 1960.
Bloodline: Pure. My family doesn't make a big deal about it, though.
Gender: Male.
Animagus Form: Rat. I'm not nearly gifted enough to be an Animagus, are you crazy???
Wand Details: Cherry, twelve inches, dragon heartstring. It's way too long for me. They say the longer the wand the more powerful it is, and the more powerful the wizard-- but you should see my marks. ((This skill will come out later.))
House: Gryffindor. My family's a long line of Gryffindors.
Year at Hogwarts (MWPP- finished in 1978): 5th.
Affiliations: Just my friends, and Gryffindor House.

5'2''. I'm short. I get confused for a second-year a lot.
Weight: 145 lbs. I'm a good eater.
Eyes: Pale blue.
Hair: Dirty blonde, light brown-- or mousy brown, I guess. It's really fine and soft, and it gets in my eyes all the time when it gets too long.
Face & Complexion: My face is round and gets red really easily. I don't get spots, at least not yet. I almost wish I did, so people would think I'm older than 12.
Build: I'm a good eater, all right? ((He's chubby and short.))
Defining Marks: He has a few small mole-like birthmarks. ((Until he loses a finger, and then a hand.))
Dress Style: I mostly just wear the school uniform these days, you know? ((His mum still picks out clothes for him at home. When left to his own devices, he's functional but hasn't any sense of style-- and he's usually pretty sloppy: shirts untucked, pants wrinkled, food stains left untampered with, etc . . . ))
Possessions always on this person: Nothing, really. Sometimes I even forget my wand.
Manner of Speech: I've got kind of a high voice. ((He's still prepubescent-- and there's that rat thing.))
Manner of Movement: I jerk around kind of fast and I'm kind of twitchy.

Just fine.
Hearing: Really good, actually.
Left/Right/Ambi: Right.
Disabilities/Handicaps: None, and let's keep it that way, please?
Physical Health: Very good! My mum says I'm the picture of youthful health. ((He could do to lose a few pounds; he gets out of breath when running.))

Normal, I guess? ((He's more intelligent than people give him credit for-- and he's actually quite powerful with a wand-- but he's convinced himself of stupidity because people seem to like him *stupid* better, and it puts him in that needy, protectorate position.))
Extrovert/Introvert: Extrovert. I like being in groups of people, and I love my friends. (ESFJ).
Phobias/Fears: I'm pretty fearless, you know? Rabbits, being rejected.
Mental Health: Ha, I'm not crazy. ((Peter has a dependent personality; he fears abandonment more than death itself, has trouble doing anything without conferring with someone he deems authority over him, and needs constant reassurance he still belongs and is cared for. To suggest he is not wanted or demand he operate entirely on his own would be devastating to him. He is often in a strong state of anxiety just worrying about the possibility.))

I'm going to be part of something important. ((He rather wants to do something impressive to please his father, who is all about Gryffindor ideals of heroism and changing the world, even if he himself has done nothing.))
Quirks/Habits: I bite my nais and I think I shift my eyes, too. I also twitch; McGonagall's always telling me to stop kicking the leg of my chair like I do really fast.
What they see in the Mirror of Erised: Himself as the gloried and beloved leader of something, for once; James, Sirius, and Remus stand in the background, but still love him.
First Impression:
((Peter greatly resembles a rat, of course; he appears anxious and vigilant and nearly always moves in quick, nervous jerks. His voice is high and squeaky. He's often not very mindful of when he does things like bite his nails or pick his nose, so a lot of people may find him repulsive.))
Philosophy of Life: Belong.
Phrases they use often: I'm polite; I say "please" a lot.

Ever been drunk:
No. Mum let me have a sip of champagne the last two New Years', though.
Lied to a boyfriend or girlfriend: Hmph, that would mean I had one to lie to.
Cheated on a boyfriend or girlfriend: Hmph.
Gotten into a fight: I usually avoid these. ((A fight between Peter and one of his closest friends could-- and probably will-- set him over the edge.))
Innocent or guilty: I dunno, I'm pretty guilty, most of the time, don't you think? But you'll never catch us!
Been a hypocrite in the past: I'm a Gryffindor; we don't do hypocrite. ((Just the nature of him being Gryffindor is a bit of a hypocrisy . . . ))
Dark Arts: Those are bad. I think they make your hair greasy, too.
Voldemort: What a wacko! (( . . . but when his friends seem less eager to care for him, and Voldemort's at the top of the dogpile and offering Peter permanent protection and belonging, how easily things shall change . . . ))

War Stuff
Thoughts on blood purity:
That's just what the Slytherins use to make themselves feel better about getting so inbred and ugly.
War allegiances: The better side. ((He means the Order side, now; but watch how thing change . . . ))
Why? Because they're better.
Reservations about the path he/she's chosen: None, of course! Who'd want to hang 'round with a bunch of greasy gits from Slytherin?
Losses so far: None.
Greatest war-related worry: I really don't want to die, not just yet.

Public occupation:
Hogwarts student.
Private occupation (if applicable): Marauder extraordinaire.
Education: Hogwarts.
Finance: My parents have got jobs and I get an allowance once a month.

Paul and Mary ((sorry, sorry; I just couldn't resist)).
Sibling(s): None. I'm all Mum needs.
Children: None!
Family History: The Pettigrews are kind of old, I guess, but not ancient. I think maybe we're from somewhere besides Britain a long time ago. All I know is I've still got a gran and a gram on both sides, and an uncle on my mum's, and my parents met in the Leaky Cauldron and got married a couple years before they had me.

Only the best mates in the world: James Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin!
Enemies: We call him Snivellus. Most of the Slytherins don't like us, but he's the worst.
Mentors: My mates.
Best Friend: I guess since James is the leader? But Remus talks to me the most.
Most Hated: I hate you, Snivellus. Yeah, you're greasy and ugly. Ha ha!

Romantic/ Sexual
Marital Status:
It'll be a while.
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual, I think. Would I have more luck the other way?
Ever had sex: That's none of your business. ((A resounding NO.))
Believes that a person shouldn't have sex before marriage: Do whatever you want. If you have a kid, it's your own fault.
Believe in casual sex: Sure. More opportunities for me!
Turn ons: Blond or red hair, tan skin, large . . . you knows . . . Isn't that what everyone likes?
Turn offs: Fat girls, stupid girls, those annoying girls that go "aww" every time anyone talks about relationships or we look at slides of cute animals in Defense class.
Past Relationships: None.
Current Relationship: Hmph.

Schoolyard Bully
You are 0% Rational, 70% Extroverted, 98% Brutal, and 15% Arrogant.

You are the Schoolyard Bully! You focus more on feelings than rationality, and thus tend to be driven by your emotions. You are probably easy to anger or annoy, for instance. You are also an extrovert who wouldn't mind having a lot of attention, although you may not always get it. Another character trait you possess is your brutality, manifested by the fact that you tend to be aggressive and do not care about the well-being of others. Also, you exhibit signs of humility, leading one to conlude that you are actually insecure, because very few people are truly humble AND brutal. Thus, like any schoolyard bully, you seek constant attention for yourself and have no issues with administering beatings because you are quite emotional and easy to upset. Not only that, but your insecurity may be a prime motivation for your brutality. As psychologists have noted, most schoolyard bullies only pick on others because they have a negative self-image. This could possibly be true of you. In short, your personality defects are your brutality, extroversion, irrationality, and your possible insecurity. Go pick on someone your own size!

To put it less negatively:
1. You are more INTUITIVE than rational.
2. You are more EXTROVERTED than introverted.
3. You are more BRUTAL than gentle.
4. You are more HUMBLE than arrogant.

You are Peter Pettigrew. You are a slippery rat
(literally, you Animagus, you), always switching
sides. You are cowardly and frightened, but
surprisingly clever.

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PISCEAN GRYFFINDOR: Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac, and governs the feet. Positive traits include idealism, wisdom, intuition, empathy, imagination, creativity, adaptability, compassion, and an uncanny connection to all that is spiritual and otherworldly (which makes for talent in magic); negative traits include being easily influenced by other people, gullibility, a lack of backbone, escapism, addictive personality, impracticality, emotional game-playing, delusion, and a total inability to say "no."

While not the bravest of Gryffindors, the Gryffindor Pisces still exhibits a quiet courage. They aren't afraid to face painful truths, if there really is no way of escaping them. These Gryffindors are deeply compassionate, and full of emotional strength, often becoming the unofficial counselors in the common room who everybody runs to for advice. They are romantic to an extreme; their minds are stuffed full of fairy tales, myths, and legends. They often spend more time daydreaming than doing their homework, to the vexation of their professors. Still, their daydreams do sometimes produce uncanny insights.

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Peter Pettigrew is the weaker tagalong Marauder.
Strengths: Flattery, Hero-worshipping, Charms (though no one ever notices), Deceit, Mischief
Weaknesses: Clinginess, Overzealousness, Sensitivity, Weakness, Lust for Power, Need to be Protected
Special Skills: Ability to Transform into a Rat, Acting (he can convince anyone and everyone he is harmless when he is not)
Weapons: Wand, Animagus Powers, Acting Abilities, Deceit
Fate: Peter will be let down by his Marauder friends and join the Dark side searching for companionship and power. He will be a spy undercover until he betrays his friends, and then live as a rat for years until Voldemort's return.

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Future Death Eaters are love

I am not Peter Pettigrew. He does not exist. I do not own Harry Potter. I am not J.K. Rowling. I am not affiliated with her except my excessive fandom. I am also unrelated to Steven Anthony Lawrence.