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Today is Anzac Day; I had my silence, and did some housework, however, most of the day was spent wondering where my little cat Crumb had gone. She's a shy kitty; hides from people who come into my house, even my mum, who the other cats flock to.
The last two hours were spent crying and wandering around the neighbourhood with a tin of cat food, cursing myself that I was so cruel as to accidentally leave the window open just enough for her to make good a day trip event that I was absolutely sure had gone terribly wrong, with her attacked by a dog or chased by children, without the street smarts to make her way home (as all of my cats are inside animals, so as to save the wildlife from their instincts, and themselves from their stupidity).
I searched the house, top to bottom, every cupboard opened, and every piece of furniture searched under. I even checked in the microwave in case she had jumped in after I warmed up my leftover lasagne for lunch.
The only place I couldn't search comprehensively was the spare bedroom - it's completely packed at the moment. About twenty minutes ago I walked past and saw a tiny movement out of the corner of my eye and heard a small thud; I picked my way through the chaos to see my smallest cat sitting in a gap between piled boxes; I pulled her out and put her in the front of my hoodie and she's staying there. She's still shaking though. I don't know why she's so stressed out.

Feb. 25th, 2010

J asked me to marry him. Sooooooo happy.

Jan. 31st, 2010

Last week I planted a capsicum seed in a pot in my kitchen (from chopping capsicum), today I have a tiny little sprout! Let's see if I can keep it alive! I also planted some lettuce seeds the day before yesterday, hopefully I can keep this up.
Oh dear. One of our very strongest (and I meant that in a literal sense) derby team members won't be rejoining us this year. Time to start working out, I think.

Jan. 30th, 2010

Dear neighbours,

Please, less of the roaring down the road on the Harley. It's 5:50am when you do it, and number one, I like sleeping at that time, number two, it makes me really jealous that I don't have a motorcycle of my very own (or the license to ride one).

Love, Erin.

Jan. 19th, 2010

Awwwh I was derby proposed to last night, but my wifey wouldn't let me have another wifey too. Love Buttons McBoomBoom. We had our first training of the year, and I wasn't excited until 6pm (leaving work time). Then I got hyper. Got to training and realised that the only thing I'd forgotten were my orthotic inserts (which make me skate straight), and I didn't have any kind of insert at all in my skates, so I made do with my single pair of socks and lots of bandaids. How silly am I? Feeling the muscle burn today.

It would have been an absolutely fantastic return to derby if Darren (one of our new refs, and my friend Lee's partner) hadn't taken an awkward tumble and broken his leg. He should be having an operation tomorrow, so we're all hoping it works out for the best it can from here. D's an awesome guy.
Oh, this week is taking a while to end. I think I'm seeing Cats tomorrow night with my mum and my sister; I've hardly seen J this week because he's been staring at 9pm every night. Boo.

I want the weekend to come, so I can skate on Saturday afternoon. Sunday afternoon is our Freshie Welcoming Barbecue, and Monday night is our first night back at derby. I'm anxious to see how I go, since my knee has been hurting again lately for seemingly no reason. Boo hiss!

Other than that, I've been entirely lazy. Reading too much, listening to my ipod on the bus home, just enjoying the little things. I just wish I could see J a bit more than I am now.

Love love love.
I am such a fricking idiot. Once again, I've forgotten to update my pay details at work, so my pay will be going into the WRONG ACCOUNT. Oh HOW FREAKING ANNOYING. I think I'll be able to stop by an ANZ tomorrow and withdraw the money, then to the Commonwealth to deposit it into my new account. 


This layout!

Much, much better. We went to a local supermarket we knew would be open today to buy a couple of steaks and found that the awesome butcher next door to them was actually open! Cue me eating way too much mashed potato (I now look like a snake does right after it starts digesting a whole animal - I have such a food baby right now!).

J and I had a little impromptu action tonight when Ricky left our home and asked why J's car's interior light was on - someone has been in it and stolen his gear knob and rifled through his stuff, but left his cd's alone. He's so very lucky. We quickly moved things around in the driveway and moved it in front of my car, and moved our bins and some terracotta pots I wanted moved around to the front of the house. Hopefully they won't come back now, it was probably kids mucking around last night when no one was home.

Because of the wonderful full tummy feeling, I'm super sleepy and probably need a nap soon. J just showed me some of his baby pictures. Cuuuuuuutttttee...
I updated my journal layout. I'm not terribly sure about the darkness of the whole thing, but it's different, and different was the aim.

Had a nice relaxing New Years this year, pizza at Sarah and Charls to start, then we went to J's pub and hung around for a while since he was working. I got a kiss at midnight which was sweet.

Now I'm just waiting for him to wake up since he worked until close, and we can get something to eat and maybe hire a movie or something. I'm considering going to Bunnings to get some things I need, I just feel terrible those poor people have to work on New Years Day. I hope they're being paid well!