_pensword_'s Journal

So, here's me: I'm quirky, geeky, a writer, musician, pirate, bellydancer, fencer, bibliophile, certified/licensed massage therapist, political activist (of the liberal persuasion), philosopher, science-lover, spiritual/religious (in rather unique ways), creative in many ways (I just can't draw to save my life), maple syrup snob, tree-climber & tree-hugger, feisty kitten, night owl. I have lived in (in order) Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Ohio, and Maryland. I consider all but MA my homes (I was born there, but only lived there for a few months). I have many interests and thus do many activities, which takes up a lot of my time, but I enjoy all of it (even if it does lead to occasional sleep deprivation).

And as I wrote in my previous bio, the only way anyone will know more about me is if they already know me & talk to me.

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