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Writer's Block: Lucas for a day

If you could write the next Star Wars movie, what story would you tell? It could be anything: a sequel, prequel, or anything in-between. Describe your adventure in 300 words or less. Our favorite story will receive a Star Wars saga Blu-ray gift pack! [Contest Details]

I wouldn't actually write it; I'd have Timothy Zahn use his Thrawn trilogy as a basis to write the screenplay for episodes 7, 8, & 9. George Lucas & Steven Spielberg could co-direct them.

There are several reasons I think those books would be great as the next trilogy:

1) It's a great story that involves the mopping up of the Empire (the remnants of which, of course, are still a threat), the next generation of the Solo family, interesting new alien cultures, Luke's growth as a Jedi, and a whole lot of action...among other things.

2) Zahn's writing translates really well to the screen. He uses great descriptions of scenes, character development in word & action rather than just in their own minds (which is critical), and follows the same type of "cinematography" of scenes that you see in the original trilogy.

3) He follows "official canon." I.e., the storyline was approved by Lucas, or at least by the Star Wars franchise. So that's one hurdle that's already past.

4) A lot of Star Wars fans really love those books...which means that there's definitely a market, from a business standpoint.

The only problems would be:

1) A lot of the characters in the original trilogy would need to make a return, which is difficult to do, since (obviously) the actors are all 30 years older, and they'd only be 5 years older in the movies. I'm sure it can be done with "movie magic," but it's still a challenge.

2) Apparently, George Lucas has decided not to do any more Star Wars movies...or at least not episodes 7, 8, & 9. Maybe Spielberg could direct them by himself. (Of course, Lucas owns the rights, but perhaps they could come to an arrangement.)

Anyway, that's what I'd choose.
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On the Voter ID Bill

This is REALLY BAD. Please read...

Originally posted by devilscrowbar at On the Voter ID Bill
All the below are really facts, and not my feelings. I feel empty, and at a loss. This week, I was able to sit and watch elected representatives vote to block their own constituents from exercising the right to vote.
I can't find good words for my feelings.

From the Senate session last night on the Voter ID bill:

Lasee (R-01): "...I think there are people in WI voting inappropriately."
Erpenbach (D-27): "Can you show me the proof right now?"
Lasee (R-01): "You can't prove it."

...And the rest. )
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"Suspicious comments" and "Spam comments": LJ decision to 'block' spam i

Originally posted by heeroluva at "Suspicious comments" and "Spam comments": LJ decision to 'block' spam is a big FAIL!
So I've been noticing in both my own journal and communities that I haven't been able to see some comments even thought it says there are more comments there than are actually showing up. Instead I'm getting a place holder that says (Spam comment) or (Suspicious comment).

Why are these showing up like this you may ask? In their rush to fight spam LJ has created a new filter that're AUTOMATICALLY TURNED ON in ALL journals and communities, which screens comments that are made with 'suspicious links' ie links that are not on their safe whitelist, so pretty much the majority of the internet. There is no noted way to add to the 'whitelist'.

What really gets me is that they didn't inform people that they were doing this until a week after it was done and that it was automatically turned on.

So how do I turn it off you might ask.

That's simple. Go to your Settings, click on the Privacy tab, and half way down where it says Spam Protection uncheck the box next to "Comments containing a link to a non-whitelisted domain will be marked as spam and moved to a special section." This applies to both personal journal and communities and the opinion has to be manually changed in each one.

While I understand how this could be a good idea, I think they went about it in a very backhanded way, and have implemented it poorly. There was no message to anyone that the link has been screened. It's automatically done. This went on for over a week before they said anything about it. There is still nothing in the FAQs about it even. The only way I found out about this way going through the support pages where people were reporting similar issues.

Please share this!

ETA: This links really illustrates the problems.
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Help this girl's mother get treatment for breast cancer!

So, this girl has this friend whose mother has breast cancer. Apparently her mother's insurance has denied her coverage for necessary live-saving treatment, so the family has to come up with $8,000 by May 1st. The girl's original post is here (please note: rated R for language, for those with children around)

Also, as an incentive for donations, the girl is offering rewards; either stories written, or miniature books bound. (Just in case saving someone's life isn't incentive enough.)

(reposted link from lupabitch)
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Help Rescue These Pets!!! -- signal boost

Originally posted by kylecassidy at post
I'd posted a few days back about the fire at the Widmere apartment building and the pet rescue that was going on. Things have taken an ill turn. While a number of missing pets have been spotted inside the building, in the windows of their own apartments, and in the building by security guards, the city is refusing to let rescue workers into the building and is scheduled to demolish it, with these pets still trapped inside.

I know the thought of someone taking a wrecking ball to my place with Roswell and the others still inside would be worse than losing any of my material possessions.

Time: Saturday, February 12 · 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Location 4800 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA
Created By: City Kitties Rescue
More Info One month after the fire, cats are STILL ALIVE inside the Windermere Court Apartments! Read more here:

Despite obvious signs of life inside, no one took action--not the owners, not L&I, not the fire marshal, not the insurance investigators who all had access to the building. Just two days after this disaster, fire fighters said there was nothing more they could do and no possibility that cats could have survived.

Now the Windermere owners claim that the buildings' exterior doors are sealed and that L&I won't allow anyone inside ever again--and yet a maintenance man, security guards, and insurance company investigators have accessed the building as recently as today, Wednesday February 9th. Meanwhile, the owners are moving forward with demolition, knowing full well that there are still pets inside!

If you think this is wrong, if you care about the cats inside and the people who want so desperately to get them back, if you want to let the City of Philadelphia know that it should never happen again...

Join former Windermere tenants, neighborhood residents, City Kitties, and animal welfare advocates for a peaceful rally and protest:

Saturday, February 12 @ 2pm
4800 Walnut Street - in front of West Philly High School, across from the Windermere
Bring friends and signs

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Writer's Block: Ready, steady, read

What is the best book you've read this year, and why?

Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice, by Mark Plotkin

Great book, and very engaging. The subtitle is "An Ethnobotanist Searches for New Medicines in the Amazon Rain Forest." Mostly self-explanatory there...but what isn't explained is how thoughtful, well-written, and socially conscious it is. I highly recommend it.