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Pain is like ow

and either way someones been having sex with animals and thats just wrong

31 December 1989
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Name : Dorothy
Age: 19

Bio: Im sophomore in college, and Im really bad at writing bios :D I enjoy many things, mainly Sewing and Photography. Im not that great at either yet, but hey, I'm only 19, I've got lots of time to learn. I have a wide range of intrests, so chances are we will have something in common. The best way to learn more aobut me is to add me. I've been on Lj for approximately one billion years, so my friends list looks rather impressive, but over half of them are dead journals that I'm too lazy to defriend. If you want to check out any of my work here are a few links to my stuff:

Costuming/sewing: Cosplay.com account
Photography: Deviant art; Flickr

This LJ is 90% public, for now. If you want to add me, please just comment and ask. I will add you back! I do post pictures A LOT fyi.

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