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_pemlebek_'s Journal

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12 June
acid, adventures, aldous huxley, alice in wonderland, ancient civilizations, ancient history, angels, art, astrology, avalon, awareness, baking cakes, bare-feet, beat, being, biking into unknown places, body painting, brian froud, buddhism, butterflies, candles, celtic, charms, connecting, cosmic serpents, cosmic spirits, creation theories, crop circles, crowley, crystals, dance in trance, dancing, deeksha, deep trance, djing, dmt, dna, dreads, dreaming, dreams, drugs, druids, drumming, drums, dryads, earth, ecstasy, elves, elves and fairies, esoteric everything, experimenting, exploring, faeries, fantasies, fantasy, festivals, film making, flea-markets, flowers, forests, fractals, freedom, friends, gabrielle roth, gaia, glastonbury, gnomes, goa, goblins, guitar, hallucinations, happiness, healing, herman hesse, hippies, human becomings, human development, i ching, instruments, joy, lady of the lake, learning, letting go, life, lord of the rings, love, lsd, magic, mayans, meditation, mind alteration, mushrooms, music, myths, naked bodies, nature, oneness, open hearts, open-mindedness, opium, outdoor parties, peace, photoshop, poetry, psychedelics, psytrance, pyramids, rainbows, religions, research chemicals, role play, role playing, rythm, sacred geometry, screenplays, scripts, self-analysis and understanding, shamanistic rituals, shamans, shpongle, small friendly gatherings, sound, south america, spirals, spiritual development, spiritual healing, spirituality, stars, stonehenge, sun, surrealism, tantra, tarot, the moon, theater, timelessness, travelling, tree hugging, tree spirits, tribes, tripping, universe, vegeterian food, wicca, writing, yoga

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