March 17th, 2005


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blaah ! what a day already!
it started off with dali puking all over the kitchen floor and carpet + now i have to do the laundry. 2 full baskets!huge ones!
all the small errands started to seem like such a big deal. proof of my lazy assness....

i can still feel the voyage of my spirit when i close my eyes and breathe in deeply.

lack or abundance of love , or just the uncertainty of its existence and where it comes from or goes to , is still cramping my heart terribly.

repent and patience

fireworks of joy are no fun when they explode inwards
pumping backwards from the veins into the heart
till it explodes in itself numerous times
tears behind the closed eyes
attempt reaching the right soul... a brief relief...
violins of rainbow
shadow of my childish soul

i know i am not alone
and i cherish the divine moments

after all i was promised to be seen on the other side...

when will i ever learn to let go? so many nonsense barriers inside of me.