March 16th, 2005


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Wish i knew the names of these fabulous beautiful songs that i woke up for so tht i could share them with more people. but probably noone will hear them the way i do. the frequencies that i never thought was possible, the orgasmic beauty of the deep heart beat pushing you in the universe .
yes we CAN go faster than the speed of light.and we already are. nonstop.
there IS intelligence life out there.
red and green bright lights , tubes of energy, the smile and tears of joy go through you. and then suddenly "bam".one little beat , is your one big bang. you are a water drop holding the whole universe within , dropping down slowly, hit the ground that is unfamiliar to the rest, divide into, explode into the indescribable.
that energy, that force that is going all through your winegum like body . and once you let go, you are just one with everything.
everything has a meaning but some of them are not there just to be understood. speakers dont only give out sound , but also colors and patterns.
and once again i am pretty sure , language is probably the most primitive and insufficient way of communication.
luckily enough among the experienced, there is no need for words. and no it is not about knowing. it is about being and living.

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it's all just so beautiful
this joy gives me the most colorful tears

seeing everything as atoms
blue and red
each of them making love and dancing
becoming the most erotic beam of light

and i am falling through the clouds
screaming of an endless and true love
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    little fluffy clouds

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listen to these songs for your own sake:

eLectric universe - jetzt
tOtal eclipse - psychedelic terrorist
oliVer shanti - shaman
thE orb-little fluffy clouds

now back to reality
the boring funny mankind reality
confusions of stimulating substances leaving millions of questions in my heart again.

i just wanna scream the truth.

Talk about looking wasted...

Finally i got some of the photos from Alex that we took last weekend after Astral party. that was the night i met these incredibly great people, people that i already can call my friends and say that they are already quiet valuable to me.
unfortunately you can see only two of them in these photos.
hopefully i will get the rest of the photos soon.

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