February 16th, 2005


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It's amazing how relieving one single sms can be. or maybe it's just my extreme typical gemini being, getting over happy from any kind of contact / communication with people. these last two years i figured out something very simple about myself, something that was always there but i didn't notice until i was left really alone: i should not be alone! i know that many people shouldnt be. but in my case, loneliness is a real murderer. my brain stops, my heart freezes and gets broken by every small second of nothingness. sure, i enjoy a bit of time alone now and then but only when i am sure that there is some people i can call later on or some events coming up where i can get to be social.
so in brief, i finally feel alive cause there is a bit of socializing starting in my life. i am ready to take all the chances to make everything even better.
oh and one great thing about having met with random swedish people is the fact that i finally truly want to be able to speak swedish and put some true effort in it. and i feel fine here!!! (never thought i would say this. however i have done and said so many things i thought i never would lately, which is just sheer beautiful). i don't feel the need for planning on moving away from here constantly. on the other hand i don't have any plans of settling anywhere either.
my heart is getting bigger, emotions stronger, and i can feel my wings finally healing under the warm sunshine.