February 14th, 2005


who would have thought?

i have had such an overwhelming happiness in the last 24 hours that now it seems to fade away slowly to finally let me sleep, hoepfully less sweaty.
everything is in its right place, it feels.
i met some of the nicest people ever possible. and they were swedes. wow!
i love my life at the moment than i ever thought possible
best e-xperience
great people
non stop beat
in trance we dance
i found my place on earth
i feel so lucky and happy and everything i experienced in those few hours is what felt right the most ever.
i am just in this swirling love and thrill ,with the memories of yesterday i will have the most peaceful sleep. my soul is in peace.

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Does anyone know where i can get hipster bags like this but just not as expensive?

found these on stupermundi.com. they sell it for 45 euros. which in my opinion is too much for a hipster bag.
so i would be more than happy if you know of any other link, shop , ebay seller that sells hispter bags in this style for a more reasonable price.