February 10th, 2005


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I am so sober that my head hurts. Dreams inside dreams, all nonsense. I do anything that puts me in a trance.
have patience as big as the whole fucking universe, it feels.
sewing, but it doesn't turn out as i want it to, besides the machines! those goddamn machines!
where did the sun go again?
won't you take me somewhere warm where i feel accepted , smiling faces around, open minds experimenting while in love and touch with the whole beauty of this universe and of our beings?
i am way too cranky this morning. it will go away.
despite of the gray weather, the loneliness, the laundry room being invaded by idiots, my scalp being very itchy because of all the dandruff, sewing machine fucking up, not having anything to eat at home , i manage to feel fine. it's not like inner peace is bonded with any of the small events in your daily life. maybe only if you want it to.

now i am gonna fill up myself with green tea and go on listening to beautiful music while closing my eyes and dreaming of being in Olympos.
a place that everyone once in their lives should visit.

here's some photos+info for the curious ones:
(not all the photos are taken by me, btw)

this is just one of the many pieces of historical ruins on that place called Olimpos which is situated between two mountains in southern Turkey in a city called Antalya(which happens to be where i come from).
It is the gate of one of the many Lydian buildings(this one is for a temple though) that can be found all around the place in Olimpos. you know , that very old civilization, who founded the money? yeah, those bastards!:-P

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Butterfly valley and then some

I heard about thise place called Butterfly Valley since i was very small, my sisters kept on mentioning it and all their hippie friends that had been there. But until today i did not take the time to even look at some photos of it. and now i am stunned. it indeed looks amazingly beautiful.
or i just really want to travel that everywhere started looking good to me.
it feels so stupid to know that i lived 2 hours of ride away from this place for 7 years and didn't even go there. and now i have to spend thousands of kronos and get on to a plane even for getting close to it.


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