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Man, I am loving TKD so much lately.
And like, actually making friends, I think. Not friends that I'll hang out with out of class, but we still talk and stuff.
And I'm getting so much better. Like, SO much better.
I can even kick to the head now.
That sounds really easy. I know. But it's not.
Try kicking someone who's taller than you in the head.
It's hard.
And it's like, 3 points.

I should enter the olympics.
black canary


I went to see the rocky horror stage show.

It was really good. We were front center, and I got hit in the eye when they threw candy. I liked Frank'n'Furter and Columbia. Riff Raff was annoying. Rocky was okay, but had a really strong australian accent. The extras were good. The people sitting behind us were lame.
That kind of sounds like it sucked, but it didn't.

The hotel was nice. Drinks at the bar were super cheap.
We ate pizza and pancakes and giant breakfasts.
We saw the dinosaur exhibit.
Museum of contemporary art was CLOSED, except for one floor of aboriginal art.
It was lame. I wanted to see giant spiders and blank canvases, not so much... dots, you know?
I bought comic-book related items.

Marly bought me the black canary women of the dc universe bust and an old longbow hunters poster. But framed, you know?

Currrrrrently reading The Spirit. It's so good.
I fucking hate Frank Miller though.
Like, really.

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I'm in the middle of making a Batman hoodie.
I'm going to make a whole series of them.
Next up is a Robin dress.

Thats all I have so far. It's actually blue and grey, but the computer light washed it out heaps.
But I'm going to put a belt and batsymbol, and maybe half the arms will be blue. Like gloves, you know?

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My sex life is like, non-existent lately. It's probably because I'm so fat and ugly, and Marly would rather A) Play video games, B) Work, C) Sleep, or D) Look for strangers to let sleep on our couch.
"Is it true that if you don't use it, you lose it?"

I haven't really been doing anything else.
John added me to MSN and I talked to him a bit last night. He seems nicer, but I guess I still keep expecting him to like, kick my cat or tell me I'm a slut or something.

There's a TKD competition in May. I don't think I'm going to enter, but I might go watch Tegan and Mr. Jono and everyone fight.

I made a dress today. Or rather, cut up a shirt and sewed it onto a dress.

"You ruined a perfectly good jacket!"
"Correction; I ruined TWO perfectly good jackets."

Thats all folks.