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As carved on a dying maple tree.

Not Sinéad
15 February

Addict, stalker, fanatic.

a clockwork orange, acoustic ladyland, allison harvard, america's next top model, anne rice, art, bierut, bill bailey, biros, biting, black books, brom, bubble wrap, byron, cakewrecks, cantankerous, chai, chris corner, climbing trees, clock watching, cocorosie, coffee, creeping plants, crystals, dare chess, demetri martin, devendra banhart, dictionaries, doctor horrible, doctor who, dusty books, dylan moran, eddie izzard, emmy the great, engrish, entymology, erotica, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, flames, flight of the conchords, folk, fyfe dangerfield, gay rights, gems, george orwell, getting lost, ghey, gideon conn, glam rock, godawful fanfiction, gorillaz, grammar, greenbelt, guillemots, harry potter, harry/draco, havemercy, helen cross, high school musical, hot fuzz, house, howard moon, iamx, imagined village, japanese, jeckyll and hyde, joanna newsom, joe driscoll, julian barratt, labyrinth, latin, lectio divina, life on mars, london, lord byron, lord of the rings, lost, magic, manga, merlin, mitchell and webb, monty python, nadsat, nathan barley, nightwish, noel fielding, patrick wolf, poetry, poi, postcards, postsecret, potter puppet pals, pretty girls make graves, queer as folk, rain, ralfe band, rasputina, reading, red dwarf, ringu, robots in disguise, rocky horror picture show, romance, ross noble, rusty muggle spoons, sailing, shakespeare, shaun of the dead, shounen ai, simon amstell, skins, slash, snow, spaced, speak like a child, spooks, spoons, staying up all night, stones, strictly come dancing, summer storm, swords, tall ships, tarot, the chosen one, the it crowd, the l word, the mighty boosh, the pinstriped emos, thistles, thoth, tim burton, top gear, torchwood, tuomas holopainen, typos, velvet goldmine, vince noir, vintage, weeping willows, wordsworth, x-men, yaoi, zombies